Constance Marten: Court documents reveal details of Mark Gordon’s Florida rape crime

Heartbreaking details of crimes committed by convicted sex offender Mark Gordon Missing with a nobleman and his newborn baby, revealed in court documents obtained by Independent.

Marten’s partner, Mark Gordon, was imprisoned in the US state of Florida in the late 1980s after raping and assaulting a woman when he was 14. After serving a 20-year sentence, he was deported to the UK in 2010.

Independent The 48-year-old, born in Birmingham, England, has released 23 pages of confidential U.S. court documents revealing how he carried out a violent attack on his neighbor as a teenager in Florida more than 30 years ago. I got it.

On April 29, 1989, Gordon armed himself with a kitchen knife and garden shears and broke into the woman’s home through a bathroom window on April 29. As he approached a woman’s bedroom, his face was covered with nylon stockings to conceal his identity.

However, before reaching the bedroom, the victim came out of the room to inspect the dog barking. At that point, I saw Gordon “lurking” outside my bedroom door.

The document states that Gordon “ordered the victim back to his bedroom and demanded that he undress while still armed.”

Gordon then raped the victim and held her against her will for four and a half hours.

Documents show that two young children were sleeping in the next room at the time of the attack.

A total of six indictments have been filed against Gordon in connection with the April 29 attacks. One was armed kidnapping, four were armed sexual assaults and one was robbery with a deadly weapon. He was found guilty on all charges.

Constance Marten and Mark Gordon were last spotted in Eastham, London on January 7th

(Met Police)

Less than a month later, on May 21, 1989, Gordon attempted to rob a house just six doors away from his first victim. According to court documents, he entered this house armed with a “flathead shovel” and picked up a knife at the house for further arming.

According to court documents, Gordon was one of several occupants of the home who encountered a man lying in bed when he suddenly awoke, and “the defendant struck the victim on the head and body with a shovel.” says.

Court documents reveal details of Mark Gordon’s violent attack


Police are desperately searching for Marten and baby Gordon after their car caught fire on the M61 in Bolton, Greater Manchester on 5 January. They then traveled from Bolton to Liverpool before taking another taxi to Harwich, arriving on Friday 6 January.

Police said they were also in Colchester before taking a taxi to East Ham station. This was the last confirmed sighting location on Saturday, January 7th.

They could now be anywhere in the UK, and Marten and Gordon, who come from wealthy aristocratic families, use scarves and hoodies to disguise themselves to avoid CCTV.

Mark Gordon was jailed for 20 years before being deported to the UK in 2010.

(Courtesy/Florida Department of Law Enforcement)

Investigators said the couple appeared to know how to evade authorities, making the search difficult.

Over 100 police officers were involved in the investigation, using over 223 hours of CCTV with the assistance of the National Crime Agency.

Detective Superintendent Basford, who is leading the investigation, said: “This is a complex investigation and officers across the Met are working around the clock to find Constance, Mark and their baby.

“There is nothing to suggest that any of them have done any kind of intentional harm. does not require

On January 5th, Constance Marten and Mark Gordon’s car caught fire in the M61

(Met Police)

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of a family member should call the Incident Room on 020 7175 0785.

Alternatively, you can report information 100% anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/mark-gordon-constance-marten-florida-rape-missing-b2267237.html Constance Marten: Court documents reveal details of Mark Gordon’s Florida rape crime

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