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Cooler Veterans Weekend with lasting changes ahead

Today fired off record temperatures in Arlington and Jacksonville which capped off a warm week in the 80s. Now cooler 70s take over with some big changes that will last through next week.

A cold front arrives overnight with little to no chance of rain. It will bring in clouds and breezy winds Saturday afternoon.

Temps will be milder tonight in the mid 60s an cooler in the mid 70s for Veterans Day. Sunday may have some light isolated showers with windy NE breezes 20-25 mph.

There will be a damp chill as highs barely top 70 degrees Sunday and struggle to reach it Monday under the clouds that don’t go away next week.

It gets rainy Tuesday through Thursday, turning the week ahead full circle from the conditions we had this week.

https://www.news4jax.com/weather/2023/11/10/cooler-veterans-weekend-with-lasting-changes-ahead/ Cooler Veterans Weekend with lasting changes ahead

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