DeSantis denounces ‘authoritarian’ ban on African-American studies courses in Florida high schools

florida Prohibits high school students from enrolling in advanced courses in African American Studies, following state law endorsed by the governor Ron DeSantis Limit classroom instruction on race and racism.

Educators said the AP courses, which allow high school students to earn college credit, were “clearly contrary” to state law and “significantly lacking in educational value.”

A Jan. 12 letter from the Florida Department of Education to the College Board, which administers the AP exams, said the board welcomed the return to the institution with “legitimate and historically accurate content.”

The College Board pilots AP African American Studies courses, co-developed by Henry Louis Gates Jr. and incorporating history, literature, political science, art and other subjects, in dozens of public high schools.

While Florida’s letter did not explain exactly which laws the course violated, the decision made it clear that so-called “divisive concepts”, such as systemic racism and white supremacy, should be removed from the school. Employer training and HR initiatives following a nationwide panic over “critical racial theories” permeating classrooms in and elementary schools.

The Personal Liberties Act requires schools and employers to direct students and employees to “feel guilt, distress, or other forms of psychological distress for actions in which they were not involved.” is prohibited.

But last year, a federal judge blocked an important part of the lawhe derided it as “positively dystopian” and cited George Orwell’s novel 1984 Criticize the law’s apparent double talk.He also Compare the state to “upside down” From the Netflix series stranger thingsFlorida legislators are accusing it of trampling on First Amendment rights and imposing “naked-view restrictions on speech.”

U.S. District Court Judge Mark Walker said in November that the law would split free speech protections under the First Amendment and equal protections under the 14th Amendment because of the differential impact it would have on black teachers and students. A temporary injunction was issued, alleging violations.

“Our professors are important to a healthy democracy,” he wrote, adding, “The state’s decision to choose which perspectives deserve illumination and which should remain in the shadows affects us all.” will give you,” he added.

“Democracy will die in the dark if our ‘democratic clerics’ are not allowed to shine a light on challenging ideas,” he added.

Democratic state senator Shevlin Jones said Florida schools offer AP classes in Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish and culture, as well as European history.

“It’s funny how AP’s African-American study made a cutting board,” he said. said on Twitter.

“This political extremism and its attacks on black history and black people creates an entire generation of black children who can never see themselves reflected in their education and their country. right.” he added.

“Course content bans and teacher gags are tools of authoritarianism,” said Jeremy C. Young, Senior Manager of Free Speech and Education at PEN America.

“They go against the subject matter expertise that should shape the school curriculum,” he said. wrote in Daily Beast. “Whoever the elected or appointed official is, it is always wrong to give students the chance to get an education.

Lawmakers “should see this senseless act of censorship as a lesson,” he said, adding that “this case is not how public education should be managed in a democracy.”

The DeSantis administration has attempted a radical restructuring of education in the state. Support right-wing school board candidates Sticking to his agenda, including appointing prominent anti-LGBT+ activists Go to a queer-friendly liberal arts college.

DeSantis also introduced another law, which was criticized by critics:don’t say gay or transit broadly restricts the discussion of sex and gender in the classroom and brings fears of many complications and chilling effects to LGBT+ students and staff.

Last year, College Board made a statement It stresses that the organization is “fueled by a deep respect for the intellectual freedom of teachers and students” and “opposes indoctrination”.

According to the statement, “AP students do not have to feel a certain way about themselves or the course content”. It develops in students the ability to make decisions.”

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/florida-ap-ron-desantis-tallahassee-gop-b2265669.html DeSantis denounces ‘authoritarian’ ban on African-American studies courses in Florida high schools

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