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Diana Ulis Miami Opening New Settlement Processor Expanding To Miami

Millennium Title and Abstract Co. has provided professional settlement services to real estate buyers, sellers, investors, and lenders for more than 20 years. The company is based in Bowie, Maryland, and has primarily focused on the Washington DC metro area (including northern Virginia and Maryland) with some operations in Delaware and Pennsylvania, gaining a reputation as one of the most trusted businesses of its type on the east coast.

Some of the services that Millennium provides include providing unbiased information on a property’s market worth, identifying closing costs and which party is responsible for them, enumerating termination conditions, and handling miscellaneous details such as any fixtures or appliances that will remain in the property after it’s sold. The experts at Millennium can also help homeowners with the refinancing process if interest rates fall low enough to make it worthwhile, including reverse mortgage loans. Most importantly, Millennium provides deed preparation services to ensure that clients receive a valid deed for their new purchase without the headache.

Diana Ulis of Miami has been instrumental in the company’s success because of her strong commitment to customer service. Title issues can arise unexpectedly, but Ulis leverages regular communication to ensure that there are no unwelcome surprises. Clients receive emails updating them during every step of the process, including receiving the title order, submitting title order paperwork, closing scheduling, and loan disbursement. Closings take place wherever and whenever suits the client as well, allowing for maximal flexibility.

Ulis has tons of experience helping investors buy distressed properties to flip at a profit too, including REO’s short sales created by today’s harsh marketplace realities. Many of these properties force investors to follow special rules, and Ulis walks her client through the entire process to ensure full compliance with all pertinent regulations.

Ulis also prides herself on providing affordable service to her clients and will match any competitor’s pricing if it is lower than the quote she provides. Real estate is a complex space, but Ulis doesn’t let that stop her from helping people of various backgrounds navigate the process.

Ulis is also ambitious, and a red-hot real estate market in Miami, Florida, has inspired her to expand her operations into the Sunshine State. Potential homebuyers are learning to love the work-at-home lifestyle caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing them to live in or near Miami even if they do not work there. Interest rates are also approaching record lows, making now a great time to pounce in the real estate market. Closings in the area are up 378 percent from a year ago according to FoxBusiness.com, a trend that is only expected to accelerate in the near future.

For real estate purposes, the Miami area includes the city itself, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton. Home prices in the region are increasing due to the strong demand and relatively limited supply, and Ulis wants to help clients get in before they reach their peak.

Prospective customers interested in learning more about Diana Ulis and how she might be able to help them with their real estate needs should contact Millennium Title and Abstract Co. Inc. directly or visit them online at MTClosings.com. Further details regarding Ulis’s expansion of the company into the Miami area will be released at a later date.

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