Dillard’s donates over 1,000 new shoes to Dunbar High School


With more than 1,000 pairs of new shoes sent to Dunbar High School, a generous donation can help one student reach even greater heights.

Dillard’s was left with shoes after a storm and wants to give them back to the community.

Lisa Sangster is the owner of Dillard’s in the Edison Mall.

“We plan to offer over 1,000 pairs of shoes,” Sangster said.

A shoe box at Dillard’s.Credits: Wink News

After the hurricane, she told WINK News that the company had sent over 1,800 pairs of shoes for its employees.

But with 1,000 people left, Sangster had an idea, and she made an executive decision.

Sangster said:

But where do the shoes go?

“I know they’re going to Dunbar High School,” Sangster said.

With the support of Theta Nu Omega Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Sorority.

Shoes at Dillard’s in Edison Mall.Credits: Wink News

Rose Goven is a member of the Golden Organization of sororities and told WINK News it was a great opportunity.

“This is another way for communities to come together and help each other,” says Goven. “And that’s what we do. That’s what we serve all of humanity.”

Keoshia Brown is a teacher at Dunbar High School and a member of the sorority.

“As teachers, we do a lot on a daily basis, and it’s not just academically. To get students who really want to learn, we also have to take care of their basic needs. It’s great to be able to do that,” Brown said.

Shoes at Dillards.Credits: Wink News

Dillers High School and Dunbar High School are still working out when and how the shoes will be delivered.

Once the shoes have been delivered, the school will make plans to distribute them.

https://www.winknews.com/2022/11/14/dillards-giving-more-than-1000-pairs-of-brand-new-shoes-to-dunbar-high-school/ Dillard’s donates over 1,000 new shoes to Dunbar High School

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