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Disney ride lines are so long visitors can’t control their bowels

Visitors to Disney Parks have reportedly been spotted pooping while they wait in long lines for attractions.

What is supposed to be the “happiest place on earth” has become something of an unsavoury scene with some park-goers struggling to contain their bowel movements and other visitors left to deal with the stench.

“I am in the queue for [Rise of the Resistance at Disney World] – someone let their kid take a dump on the floor, and then they just walked out and left it- WTF?” wrote one person on Reddit, reports SFGATE.

Another person who claimed to have worked near the ride also chimed in.

“For the sceptics… this actually happened. Fun fact: this was one of 3 s***-related incidents at Rise [of the Resistance] today.”

Rise of the Resistance is thought to hold the record for the longest wait in line of any ride at Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida – coming in at an average of over an hour-and-a-half wait for the Star Wars-themed ride, according to Queue Times.

Many other rides have an average wait of around an hour at the park.

The poop-in-the-queue phenomenon is apparently not exclusive to Rise of the Resistance, as another person who claimed to be a Disney worker explained in a Walt Disney World Reddit thread.

“Bodily fluids no longer bother me after working at Disney,” they said.

“Let’s just say that the attraction I work at has what the cast ended up dubbing ‘the poop hall’ because of the amount of times guests have gone in there and pooped. We even put up a camera, and it didn’t stop it,” they claimed.

Someone identifying themselves as a former Disney cast member replied: “Good lord, the poop hallway… this absolutely gives me war flashbacks.”

Dealing with faecal matter in the line for Disney rides isn’t new.

Workers at Disney have chronicled various times they’ve had a run-in with human excrement

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Ken Pellman and Lynn Barron, former workers at Disneyland in California, wrote a book called Cleaning the Kingdom: Insider Tales of Keeping Walt’s Dream Spotless, noting down all the unpleasant messes they had to clean up around the park in the 1990s and the early 2000s.

At first, they would take on the task of scooping up after horses that would trot down Disney’s streets, but before long, it was also human excrement that they were dealing with, they wrote.

They recalled a time a woman, who was waiting in line for the Indiana Jones Adventure at the California park, “burst into the control room for the attraction and deposited her gift right there”.

“It must have been challenging for the ride operator to stay at their post in there before it was all cleaned up!” they wrote in the book.

Waiting in long queues, especially in the sunnier months when dehydration is more common, can be an issue for those when nature calls.

However, some attractions are trying to combat the matter by introducing bathrooms in the line.

Bathrooms located midway on the Avatar-themed Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida were introduced a few years ago and are said to have proven a great success.

However, park-goers are calling for more bathrooms to be introduced on rides with long queues, according to Disney blog Inside the Magic.

No other plans have been announced, but currently, those with a disability or guests who have “difficulty tolerating extended waits” in a queue can apply for a service which gives them priority access to attractions, according to Disney.

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