Disney withdraws $1 billion Florida theme park expansion plan amid war with DeSantis

walt disney company Canceled plans for a billion-dollar office complex in Orlando. This comes after warnings from Disney executives that a multi-billion dollar project was planned. florida governor Ron DeSantisFeuds with the company intensified.

The planned development in the Orlando area is expected to bring 2,000 jobs to the area, 1,000 of which are expected to relocate from Southern California.

Disney’s Theme Parks and Consumer Products Chairman Josh D’Amaro reportedly said in an email to employees on May 18 about the cancellation of the 60-acre Lake Nona Town Center project. He pointed to “changes in business conditions.” new york timeswhich first reported movement.

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“I remain optimistic about Walt’s direction.” disney world business,” he added, adding that the company is planning a $17 billion project over the next 10 years at the Disney World campus. “I hope it can be done,” he said.

Over the years, the Florida Legislature and the Governor’s Office have built close relationships with the state’s largest taxpayers and the state’s largest employers, bringing in billions of dollars to the state each year while generating significant political impact. have exercised force.

Now, the company and DeSantis’ allies are suing each other after a year-long feud over opposition to what opponents call Florida’s “Don’t Say You’re Gay” law. The law has escalated into political and legal battles that could shape the company’s business in Florida. state.

Shortly after DeSantis’ appointed board of directors voted to strip the company of its control over Disney’s Florida Park. filed a federal lawsuit Against governors and state officials who allege a “targeted campaign of retaliation by the government” for “expressing political views.”

The lawsuit follows the governor’s takeover of the Reedy Creek Improvement District (now the Central Florida Tourist Watch District), made up of conservative activists and DeSantis supporters, a move that stoked public opinion against “DeSantis.” The move comes after Florida Republicans took punitive action against the company in response to opposition. The “don’t say you’re gay” law.

A few days later, the Board of Directors voted: Sue Disney in state court.

In March, Disney accused the governor of an “anti-business” approach to the company, while Mr. DeSantis accused the administration of pursuing “wake-up policies” while it was on target. LGBT+ Citizens and their families have extensive laws regulating public schooling, access to health care, and speech.

The governor dismantled decades of city zoning that allowed Disney to control its own land use, zoning rules and public services without imposing tax burdens on Florida residents. In effect, Disney imposed taxes on itself to cover the district’s bill to meet municipal needs.

“Does the country want us to invest more, hire more people and pay more taxes?” Disney CEO Bob Iger told analysts last week. said on a conference call.

Disney said in a statement that it had decided to pull out of the new campus “in view of the significant changes that have occurred since the announcement of this project, including new leadership and changes in business conditions.”

The “Parental Rights in Education Act” (which critics call “Don’t Say You’re Gay”) provides instruction on “sexual orientation and gender identity” from kindergarten through third grade, and “age-appropriate, or developmentally inappropriate such discussion”. For other grades, select “suitable for student”. The governor recently expanded the law to explicitly extend such restrictions to all grades.

Critics say the broadly codified law will freeze classroom speech on LGBT+ people and issues, from civil rights history classes to discussions about LGBT+ students, school staff and their families. warns that there is a risk of

Following the passage of the Florida law, members of the U.S. and Congress have introduced similar bills, and the current legislature includes more than 20 bills.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/disney-cancels-florida-project-desantis-b2342083.html Disney withdraws $1 billion Florida theme park expansion plan amid war with DeSantis

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