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Donald Trump’s News Today: Ginny Thomas Thanked Him for Supporting Election Lies as Trump Breaks Silence with Hurricane

Former US President Donald Trump claims he could declassify top-secret documents ‘just by thinking’

Donald Trump is heading to Michigan. Michigan is the state that spurred him in 2020 after a surprise win four years before him on Saturday.

He’s in the state for a rally in Warren, where he hopes to boost the candidacy of Tudor Dixon, his chosen supporter in the race to remove incumbent Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. , if he’s running for the White House in 2024, he’s desperate to get supporters for a bogus conspiracy about the 2020 Governor’s Mansion defeat.

Polls show Dixon trails sharply behind the governor, who was the victim of a shocking kidnapping plot thwarted by the FBI in 2020. The latest poll in the campaign by the Trafalgar Group, which is affiliated with the GOP, showed Dixon trailing him by six points.

Separate Trump legal news revealed that Trump kept about 200,000 pages of federal documents in his Palm Beach home. A new court filing argued that his early October deadline for scanning and reviewing documents was unrealistic because it could not be processed quickly enough. Trump has reportedly ignored some of the legal advice he has received on the matter.


Maggie Haberman says Trump tried to seize her phone records to expose sources

new york times Reporter Maggie Haberman said Donald Trump went too far in trying to stop coverage of her, which is widely sourced by Trumpworld.

in her forthcoming book confidence man, She claims that

read more Oliver O’connell of Independent:


Trump reportedly ignored advice from lawyers and paid $3 million in compensation for Mar-a-Lago document case

Former President Donald Trump ignored his attorney’s advice weeks after paying his respected attorney in Florida $3 million in negotiations with the Justice Department after his Aug. 8 home raid. and are reportedly in favor of much more combative tactics. But it exposes him to greater legal risk.

A source close to Trump said:Washington Post Chris Keith will remain on the former president’s team, but is likely to “have a less public role” in the Mar-a-Lago document dispute”.

read more independent Andrew Feinberg:


Trump rally ends with ex-president touting ongoing movement

Former President Donald Trump ended the rally Saturday night by touting the ongoing Maga movement as he clearly continues to prepare for the 2024 presidential election.

The de facto leader of the Republican Party called Maga Rights “one movement, one people, one family, one glorious American nation,” with fans vowing to “make America great again.” I opened my mouth.

The rally ended around 9pm ET.


Trump vows to retake White House in 2024

Donald Trump has scaled back the rally, vowing that Republicans will retake the White House in 2024, and being careful not to say he’s running for office himself.

And he again lashed out at his supporters’ Democratic opponents, accusing them of creating a “failed country.”

“This country doesn’t belong to them. It belongs to you,” he told cheering supporters.


Trump calls for death penalty for all drug dealers

“We have no choice,” said Donald Trump at Saturday’s rally, requiring the US to implement a draconian policy of punishing convicted drug dealers with the death penalty. He spoke at length about what he thought was

Speaking about a conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump called for a “speedy trial” for drug traffickers who quipped that they had a “100% conviction rate.” And he talked about how Americans who sell controlled substances of any kind should be executed, saying it was necessary to scare other criminals.

Given the requirement for proportional punishment in the U.S. judicial system, it’s hard to imagine most Republicans across the country signing onto the idea that this would likely be unconstitutional.


Trump attacks Maggie Haberman’s book as ‘hate’, denies nearly firing Ivanka on Twitter

During a rally in Michigan on Saturday, Donald Trump continued to attack a forthcoming book about him by New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman.

“There was talk the other day that they wanted to fire their daughter Ivanka, but it never happened.”

“No, but how are you going to call and explain to your daughter?” he added as the audience laughed.

read more Josh Marcus:


Trump thanks Ginny Thomas for sticking with stolen election lies

Former President Donald Trump gave a shoutout to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife who continues to parrot his lies about the 2020 election in an interview with the House Select Committee on Jan. 6. .

Trump recently praised Ms. Thomas at a political rally in Michigan, calling her a “great woman” and the wife of a “great man.”

read more Andrew Feinberg:


Trump plays video attacking NY AG Letitia James

At a Saturday night rally, the former president played a video attacking the credibility of New York Attorney General Letitia James’ civil lawsuit against him, his family and company.

His video was posted after critics attacked Ms. James as “racist” and described her as “one of the worst AGs” in the country.


Donald Trump’s first comments on the hurricane

The former president’s comments on Saturday’s Hurricane Ian were his first since the hurricane made landfall in his new home state.

The devastation of Fort Myers and other Florida cities has been evident for days, but so far nothing has been pulled from Trump’s West Palm Beach complex in Mar-a-Lago.

read more Andrew Feinberg:


marjorie taylor green screams out loud

The first significant shout-out of Donald Trump’s night went to Georgia’s far-right legislator and rising Maga-right Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Speaking to rally attendees about Green’s Jan. 6 visit to the defendant at a Washington, D.C. jail, Trump said the riot suspect was “dirty” and treated horribly.

Calling the accused mob “political prisoners,” he said: [to see them] It was Marjorie Taylor Green. She went there, she went there. ”

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-rally-today-fbi-jan-6-jared-kushner-b2190826.html Donald Trump’s News Today: Ginny Thomas Thanked Him for Supporting Election Lies as Trump Breaks Silence with Hurricane

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