El Salvador’s President Naive Bucre Nominated for Re-Election Despite Constitutional Questions

San Salvador – President Naïve Bucre was formally nominated on Sunday to run for re-election next year by his New Thought party, despite opposition from legal experts and opposition forces who said El Salvador’s constitution barred him from running. was done.

New Ideas also announced that current Vice President Felix Ulloa will run for re-election in a ballot scheduled for February 4, 2024.

Bukele is popular among Salvadorans for his crackdown on street gangs, but is considered controversial internationally. In September, he announced plans for his second five-year term.

This came after the Supreme Court’s Constitutional Court, hand-picked by his supporters in Congress, ruled allowing him to run for re-election in 2021, ordering the Electoral Court to grant him re-election. .

Constitutional lawyers say Bukele’s candidacy violates at least four articles, including Article 154 of the Constitution, among them: So that I can continue that role as soon as possible. ”

But Ujoa, a prominent lawyer, said Bukele only has until December 1 to apply for leave to parliament to run again.

True to his populist stance, Bukele painted the announcement as a blow to financier and philanthropist George Soros.

“Soros media say Salvadorans cannot decide for themselves,” Bukele wrote on his favorite media outlet, Twitter. “But the greatest political party in history will speak out today, and on February 4, 2024, the people of El Salvador will get the final word.”

Constitutional bans on re-election were once common in Latin America, although some countries have a history of “caudillo” magnates perpetuating power, but in many cases including Honduras, Nicaragua and Venezuela. These term limits have been repealed, overturned, or ignored. and Bolivia.

Bukele, who maintains an approval rating of over 80%, led a crackdown on the country’s powerful street gangs, which sent more than 60,000 people to prison Suspicion of gang affiliation.

Despite suspending some fundamental rights for over a year, the measures are widespread. Communities that have lived under constant extortion and violence by gangs are coming back to life.

But there have been thousands of complaints about rights violations, and observers say many young people appear to be arrested simply because of their appearance or where they live.

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