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Father of six children found in November shooting

jacksonville, florida – On Tuesday night, an anti-violence group identified a father and husband who were found shot dead a week ago in Jacksonville’s Long Branch neighborhood.

According to Men Against Destruction-Defending Against Drugs and Social-Disorder, known as MAD DADS, James Barron, 37, was shot in the early morning hours of November 28. Outside the Sanctuary Walk housing complex on East 21st Street. A MAD DADS representative said he was attempting a DoorDash delivery when Barron was killed.

In a statement to News4JAX, a DoorDash spokesperson said: We hope that those responsible for this horrific crime will be brought to justice and we stand ready to assist law enforcement to the fullest in their investigation. ”

According to MAD DADS, Barron leaves behind a wife and six children.

“Can you imagine what it would be like to have your master and your father taken away in an instant?” said AJ Jordan, MAD DADS coordinator. “I mean, they’re not getting along.”

The nonprofit said Barron’s daughter was also in the car in which he was shot, but it’s not clear how old she is because the family is hiding her identity for her safety.

Jordan said Barron’s family relayed the shooting that sparked a robbery by a young man.

“Someone came over again and demanded I get out of the car and start shooting,” Jordan said. “So what can I say at this point?”

Police said gunshots hit the side of the apartment building.

Jordan said that when the car stopped and Baron was shot, Baron’s daughter jumped out of the car and immediately ran for help.

“She went outside to get to safety and called authorities to have her father and the police launch an investigation,” Jordan said. ”

Barron’s body was found in a white Ford Mustang with a single gunshot wound. Responding officers reported that the car was still driving and that the wheels spun and crashed into a building.

His body was taken to the coroner’s office and a full autopsy was performed to determine the cause of death.

Jordan said Barron’s daughter wasn’t injured, but now she and her other siblings will be on vacation without their father.

“It’s almost Christmas. I have presents under the tree and Daddy won’t open them,” said Jordan. “It’s devastating our city again.”

More than a week later, part of the apartment complex was taped off, and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has not identified the shooter.

Law enforcement has contacted all possible witnesses and residents of the complex.If you or someone you know has information, Crime Stoppers (1-866-845-TIPS (8477)), JSO (904-630-0500) or MAD DADS DIRECTLY ON FACEBOOK.

“We need to get these criminals off the streets. They’re literally killing us,” Jordan said.

A funeral is scheduled for later this week in Savannah, Georgia, Jordan said.

Editor’s Note: This article originally said MAD DAD reported that they were trying to deliver Grubhub when Baron and his daughter were killed. According to Grubhub, Baron was not a current employee who was doing deliveries for the company.

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https://www.news4jax.com/news/local/2022/12/07/father-of-6-identified-as-victim-in-deadly-november-shooting/ Father of six children found in November shooting

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