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FEMA Trailer Finally Arrives For Couple While Husband Gets Hospice Care


Many people are still displaced from their homes after Hurricane Ian. Among them is her one woman from Englewood, who lives in a cabin with her husband while she receives hospice care.

The couple told WINK News that FEMA had already gone to their home and marked the location of the trailer with an orange flag.

Orange flags represent where the trailer is going.Credits: Wink News

They hope the trailer will arrive within a few days.

The couple built a makeshift home on the verandah and slept in a cot in the back cabin.

I have a blue tarp, but I was worried that water would get in and cause mold.

A few weeks before the storm, Colleen’s husband, Bill, was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

They explained to WINK News that these are tough times and they look forward to the little things.

Damage to the couple’s home in Inglewood from Hurricane Ian.Credits: Wink News

The FEMA trailer isn’t that small, but I’m looking forward to receiving the FEMA trailer.

“There should be cleaner living quarters or more space available for cooking and hopefully showering. It’s about being there,” said Bill and Colleen.

“One day you want to just.. don’t want to get up.. walk away.. don’t want to get up, just want to sleep until it’s over.. very hard,” said Bill and Colleen.

As of Tuesday, six Charlotte County families have acquired temporary FEMA direct housing units.

There are 29 pending that will be occupied soon.

But with 500 families eligible for housing, there is still a lot of work to do.

https://www.winknews.com/2022/12/06/fema-trailer-finally-arrives-for-couple-while-husband-gets-hospice-care/ FEMA Trailer Finally Arrives For Couple While Husband Gets Hospice Care

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