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Fishing team’s giant marlin disqualified after allegedly being bitten by a shark

Morehead City, North Carolina (WNCT) — The fallout continued on Monday after a North Carolina fishing tournament unexpectedly ended with no more than $2 million in prize money awarded to the winner.

After the 65th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, talk revolves around the Blue Marlin caught by an angler on the Sensation boat. The fish was caught around 2:15 p.m. Saturday and was on the boat just over six hours later.

The fish was weighed just before 11:30 p.m. Saturday, giving an unofficial catch of 619.4 pounds. However, tournament officials noticed bite marks on the fish and announced that a board meeting would need to be held to decide if the fish was eligible.

International Gamefish Association Rules It states that “damage to fish by removing or penetrating meat from sharks, other fish, mammals, or propellers” is grounds for disqualification.

“Okay folks, let’s talk a little bit about the rules here,” said Big Rock board member Tommy Bennett during Saturday’s livestream. “This fish looks like it was bitten by a shark.”

The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament Board consulted with the rules committee, board, biologists and IGFA officials before announcing Sunday. The fish were disqualified and the fisherman on the sushi boat was chosen as the winner.

“A careful deliberation and discussion between the Big Rock Regulations Commission and the Board by officials from North Carolina’s CMAST (Center for Marine Science and Technology) and North Carolina Marine Fisheries Biologists and IGFA (International Game and Game Association) SENSATIONS 619.4 lb Blue Marlin was disqualified for mutilation by a shark or other marine animal.The fish was deemed to have been mutilated before it was landed or put on a boat and was disqualified there.” written in the statement.

Officials said the disqualification was “consistent with previous decisions made by the Games in similar circumstances over the past 65 years.”

Sensation owner Ashley Blow said he had protested the decision. Sushi, meanwhile, caught his 484.5-pound blue marlin for the top prize of $2,769.438 billion. Chasin ‘A was his second and C-Student his third.

Sensation captain Greg McCoy said he didn’t notice the shark bite while fighting the blue marlin. Once I got it, I knew it was big enough to win. He also said he was aware of the regulations dealing with cutting fish, but wasn’t too concerned at the time.

“I never really cared about money, but I’d be really happy with that paycheck, but you know, I’m not going to put a plaque over there at the Big Rock Fountain,” McCoy said. . “It’s a difficult drug to swallow.

“I wouldn’t say I didn’t know the rules, but I wasn’t too worried.”

McCoy said he wasn’t sure if he would be fishing tournaments again.

“I always dreamed of winning the Big Rock and I thought we did it,” McCoy said. “I still think in my heart that we won. So everyone else knows we won. The Big Rock Commission knows we won, but They chose not to honor that, so that’s their decision.”

Zach Stroop, a member of the Sushi Crew, said it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring in his catch for weigh-in at Big Rock Landing on Friday. He said he wasn’t sure what to expect after hearing about Sensation’s huge profits.

“When I heard that, I just passed out and said, ‘Look, what a blessing,'” Stroop said. “As a team, we have been in that situation many times, and it is not the first time.

“So I’m happy to get the win and I feel blessed.”

https://fox40.com/news/national-and-world-news/fishing-teams-massive-marlin-disqualified-over-apparent-shark-bites/ Fishing team’s giant marlin disqualified after allegedly being bitten by a shark

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