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Florida couple has 2 sets of fraternal twins within a year

  • “It’s honestly such an insane experience. My whole life I wanted to be a mom, and so while it’s tiring and stressful, at the end of the day it just feels so rewarding.”
  • In 2021 there were 114,161 twin births and the twin birth rate was 31.2 per 1,000 live births, according to the CDC
  • The odds of the same family having two sets of fraternal twins is 1 in 12.

When Nicolas del Rosal found out in 2021 that his wife, Megan Cosgrove del Rosal, was expecting twins, the news took a minute to sink in.

Babies, she said.


“What do you mean, babies? How many people are in your body?” he remembers asking.

Mateo and Celeste were born in December 2021 at Baptist Medical Center South. But that was only the beginning. In July 2022, the Jacksonville couple found out they were expecting again. And a month later they found out they were expecting twins. Again.

http://rssfeeds.floridatoday.com/~/730019138/0/brevard/news~sets-of-twins-in-a-year-Florida-couple-calls-first-pair-of-babies-the-Alphas-second-are-the-Bravos/ Florida couple has 2 sets of fraternal twins within a year

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