Florida Republicans Pass Pronoun, Diversity Bill

florida Republican On Wednesday, it approved two bills that would limit the use of preferred pronouns in schools and ban diversity programs in colleges. This will come sooner than he expects, based on Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ key priorities. White House candidate.

The proposal was finally passed by an overwhelming Republican majority in the House, SenateThe governor is expected to sign the bill into law.

DeSantis, who will announce a presidential election in the coming weeks, is pushing hard-line conservative policies as he seeks to bolster support among Republican primary voters ahead of his White House run.

The state’s legislature, set to end this week, is expected to approve legislation on sexual orientation, gender identity, race and education, as well as support the governor’s presidential campaign, in a divisive state. Cultural issues dominated.

The Senate on Wednesday voted to expand DeSantis’ primary calling card, law critics’ call to “Don’t Say Gay,” to stop school officials and students from referring to people with unmatched pronouns. We have introduced a sweeping bill that prohibits demanding. to the person’s biological sex.

It also bans classroom instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation through eighth grade, reinforcing the DeSantis administration’s move to ban such classes for all grades. Additionally, the bill strengthens the system by which people can challenge textbooks. This is another DeSantis initiative that has led to the removal of material he and his supporters claim is inappropriate for children.

“Just think honestly about what we’re doing. Think about how this affects families that are different from yours,” said Democratic Senator Tracy Davis. “They’re still family. They’re family in Florida. But we treat them like outsiders and tell them we don’t want them here.”

Republicans say the bill is intended to protect children from sexual content and reinforce the requirement that teachers adhere to existing state curricula.

Republican Senator Erin Goulart said, “We are seeing society press down on our children in a culture war with an agenda that confuses our children. to.”

Separately, Republicans in the House gave final passage to DeSantis’ priority bill, which would bar universities from using state or federal funds for diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.

Such initiatives, sometimes called DEIs, have come under increasing criticism from Republicans who claim the program is racist.

Using bill-tracking software Plural, Republican legislators in at least 12 states have proposed more than 30 bills this year targeting diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in higher education, according to an Associated Press analysis. I’m here.

“They adamantly want to believe the same thing. They say they want inclusion, but unless they believe what they believe they won’t. Only those who don’t.”

DeSantis plans to formally announce his presidential candidacy after the end of Congress. He has spent considerable time in recent months traveling to battleground states and elsewhere promoting conservative agendas and promoting policies on race, gender, and education.

In state legislatures, Democrats, powerless to block Republican legislation, are increasingly criticizing the rightward shift in policies emanating from the Republican Party.

“The message that resonates from this House over the last few years is hate, exclusion and punishment,” said Democratic Senator Jason Pizzo. “There is little grace or compassion.”


Kurt Anderson, AP writer from St. Petersburg, Fla., contributed to this report.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/ron-desantis-ap-republicans-florida-senate-b2331962.html Florida Republicans Pass Pronoun, Diversity Bill

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