Florida woman granted $154,000 bail for shooting neighbor

OCALA, Fla. (AP) — A judge on Friday granted $154,000 bail to a white Florida woman charged with shooting a black neighbor through her front door.

Susan Louise Lorintz, 58, of Ocala, returned to court in Marion County the next day. pleaded not guilty To first-degree felony Charges of manslaughter, negligence, assault, assault with a firearm.

As a condition of his detention, Circuit Court Judge Robert Hodges ordered Lorinz to wear an ankle monitor and keep him away from the family of his murdered neighbor, Azike Owens, 34.

The courtroom was filled with relatives and supporters of Owens, the mother of four. One of the family’s attorneys, Anthony Thomas, told reporters after Friday’s hearing that he would continue to push for Lorinchu to be charged with the more serious charges of second-degree murder.

“I don’t think Susan had any respect for human life,” Thomas said. “This wasn’t like she was cleaning the gun and it went off and went through a wall or a door and accidentally hurt someone. She was going to pull the trigger. She was.” intended to point the trigger at the door.”

Owens was killed on June 2 in Ocala, about 83 miles (133 km) north of Orlando. Her funeral is scheduled for Monday.

After the shooting, Lorinz told investigators that he had been distressed by two years of disrespect from neighborhood children, including Owens’ children ages 12, 9, 7 and 3. rice field.

According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, Lorinz had a headache on the day of the shooting and his children were running and screaming outside his apartment. That night, while some of the kids were playing basketball, Lorinz threw a rollerskate at them and hit one of them in the leg.

Then Owens came over and knocked on her door. Ms Lorinz told investigators that Ms Owens threatened to “kill her” and slammed her door so hard she feared Ms Owens would break it down.

The sheriff’s report said Lorinz fired a single shot from a 380-caliber handgun that went through the closed door and fatally wounded Owens.

Lorinz told investigators that she had made racist slurs about Owens’ children months before the murder.the authorities delayed her arrest For a few days while considering the possibilities, argue your position Claims. Detectives then said Rollinx’s actions were not justifiable under Florida law.

Sheriff Billy Woods Lawmakers have responded to at least six complaints between Owens and Rollintz in Ocala since January 2021, he said.

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