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Former Parkland School Resources Lieutenant Day 10 of Trial

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – On Friday, former Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputy Scott Peterson, who was charged with covering up for the Parkland school shooting that left six dead and four wounded on the third floor of the 1200 building, went on trial Friday. It becomes the day.

On Friday, BSO Deputy Defense Witness Arthur Perry, who was serving as the School Resources Officer (SRO) at a nearby elementary school on February 14, 2018, the day of the shooting, took the stand.

Perry said he did not enter the building and took refuge in a car in a nearby parking lot during the shooting.

Witnesses told jurors that they did not enter the building after hearing the shooting, student Kyle Laman was injured in the parking lot, football coach Aaron Faith was killed outside the 1200 building, and a bullet hit a window at 1200. He said he saw traces of building.

He also admitted that he had seen other officers who had actually entered the 1200 building and dragged out the bodies of Christopher Hickson and another victim.

He told jurors he didn’t know there was a shooting inside the 1200 building until he saw Fox News at 7 p.m. He said it was because he didn’t let me know when he walked in. He said he had a radio problem.

Peterson, 60, has not been charged in connection with the casualties on the first floor of the building because the shooter did not reach the building until after he did on the third floor. There were no casualties on the second floor.

Peterson has been charged with seven felony child abandonment charges for the murder of four underage students and the injury of three others on the third floor.

Mr. Peterson arrived at the building with his gun drawn 73 seconds before Mr. Cruz arrived on the floor, but when he heard gunshots, he did not go in and backed away. He said he didn’t know where the bullet came from.

Peterson is also charged with three counts of misdemeanor and negligence liability for the adults who were shot dead on the third floor, including the deceased teacher and adult student. He has also been charged with perjury on suspicion of lying to investigators.

Peterson could face nearly 100 years in prison and lose his $104,000 annual pension if convicted of child neglect.

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