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Fort Myers Beach Residents Raise Concerns, Ask Questions at Town Hall Meeting

Fort Myers Beach

After the hurricane, the people of Fort Myers Beach were left with no choice and now desperate and angry.

Residents pitched tents on the island and asked questions and, if possible, had their questions answered.

The first of many issues addressed was the 50% rule, which prevented some people from rebuilding their homes.

When rebuilding costs more than half the value of a house, residents worry they will have to tear it down and rebuild it, but they can’t afford it.

“If the insurance paid out $700,000 for what was there, that’s it, right? The new house is probably well over a million, so you can’t. [dollars]said a resident at a town hall meeting.

The condo was also a point of confusion for residents. One condominium treasurer says he received a six-figure bill for the debris removal. All the debris is from the destroyed hotel and her two businesses.

“For a $390,000 bill, I hope someone pays a little bit more for it. The rest were not.

Some expressed concern that they would not get enough money to recover. Let’s say that after factoring in inflation, the cost of rebuilding is well over $1 million and you can’t afford it. that.

They say SBA doesn’t help in that situation. SBA answered these questions and said that if your insurance policy pays you the full amount your home was insured, they cannot pay you more.

If the insurance company does not pay the full amount, it can intervene at that time.

Speaking of trailer-style temporary housing? FEMA recommends that if your property is in flood waters, They can’t put a trailer on your property.

“It requires a lot of different steps. Everything from inspection to assessing utilities, connections, where they are in the flood plane and whether they are allowed in that flood plane area,” said a FEMA official. said.

FEMA is considering 12 different sites to build trailer parks with utilities and hookups where people in need can live in temporary housing.

A final point of discussion came from the town of Fort Myers Beach. The town manager said the town council building was only insured by him for $2 million and would cost about $16 million to rebuild. What’s more, the city is losing revenue that it normally derives from parking lots, hotels and property taxes.

https://www.winknews.com/2022/12/09/fort-myers-beach-residents-voice-concerns-ask-questions-at-town-hall-meeting/ Fort Myers Beach Residents Raise Concerns, Ask Questions at Town Hall Meeting

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