Gwyneth Paltrow expected to testify in ski collision trial

Park City, Utah Gwyneth Paltrow and the man who broke four ribs seven years ago when two of them collided at a Utah ski resort said the movie star’s recklessness caused him a concussion and permanent physical damage. He is scheduled to testify on Friday about his allegations that he caused it.

Paltrow and Terry Sanderson, the retired optometrist who is suing her, took responsibility for the crash and lawyers were hired to convince a 10-man jury that the skier had the right to go further downhill. You are expected to contest and answer questions about the conflict. Paltrow claims Sanderson is responsible for the crash.

In a trial that Judge Kent Holmberg and attorneys for both parties agreed to last eight days, both sides will call four witnesses, with Friday being the last day Sanderson’s attorneys can compel Paltrow to testify. Yes. Next week, Paltrow’s team will be calling medical professionals, ski instructors, and her two children, Moses and Apple.

So far, the trial has involved Park City, Utah, an upscale ski town known for laying the red carpet for celebrities at the Sundance Film Festival each January, and where Paltrow and Sanderson skied on Fridays. We’ve been shining the spotlight on Deer Valley Resort. February 7 years ago. The resort is one of North America’s most exclusive resorts and is known for its sunny slopes, post-ski champagne in his yurts, and well-appointed lodges.

of The procedure was dug deep As for the 76-year-old Sanderson’s medical history and personality quirks, attorneys question whether his deteriorating health and estranged relationships resulted from conflict or more innate phenomena such as aging and anger issues. I’m here.

The trial has touched on a wide variety of subjects, from skier etiquette to the power and burden of celebrities. For both sides, the stakes pale in comparison to the typical legal costs of a multi-year lawsuit, private security details and trial with many expert witnesses.

Sanderson alleges that Paltrow recklessly crashed into him while the two were skiing a novice course at Deer Valley Resort, breaking his ribs and giving him a concussion. I’m asking for “over $300,000”. Paltrow countersued, seeking $1 and attorney fees.

Lawyers for the actor-turned-lifestyle influencer Paltrow spent much of Thursday questioning Sanderson about her mentions of her wealth and celebrity, as well as his “obsession” with the lawsuit.

The first three days of the trial, which runs through Thursday, will feature testimony from medical experts, Sanderson’s personal physician, a ski buddy and his daughter, who developed post-concussion symptoms less than a year after the accident. He said he had come to his senses and realized something was terribly wrong.

Paltrow’s attorney questioned Sanderson’s medical professional, asking whether his previous statements suggested the lawsuit could be an attempt to exploit her fame and fame. Her lawyers told Sanderson’s daughter Thursday that she’s clashed with celebrities like Paltrow, the Oscar-winning star of “Shakespeare in Love,” and the founder and CEO of lifestyle brand Goop. I asked him if his father thought it was “cool” to do it.

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