Heavy rains ease around Houston but flooding remains after hundreds of rescues and evacuations

Heavy rains in the Houston area led to flooding that forced the closure of several schools in Texas on Monday, with some residents needing rescue after becoming stranded, including a tragic incident involving a 5-year-old boy who lost his life when his car was swept away by fast waters.

Despite forecasts suggesting a decrease in storm activity in southeastern Texas, high water levels persisted, causing road closures and necessitating extensive cleanup efforts in affected neighborhoods. Houston, known for its susceptibility to flooding, faced similar challenges during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, which caused widespread inundation and thousands of rescues.

In Channelview, a particularly waterlogged area of Houston, school closures were announced due to employee difficulties in reaching work amid the flooding. Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace, addressing the situation in a Facebook livestream from a flooded rural neighborhood, emphasized the extent of the suffering experienced by residents.

Areas near Lake Livingston, northeast of Houston, bore the brunt of the rainfall, receiving up to 23 inches over the past week. Tragically, in Johnson County, south of Fort Worth, a 5-year-old boy lost his life after the vehicle he was in became submerged in swift-moving water near Lillian.

The recent storms brought significant rainfall across central Texas to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, resulting in numerous high-water rescues, including evacuations from flooded homes. Despite the challenges, some residents like Greg Moss from Channelview remained optimistic, adapting to the situation by relocating their belongings to higher ground and seeking temporary shelter with neighbors until the waters recede.

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