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Hip Replacement Cost

One of the most common causes of hip joint damage is coxarthrosis. It is a degenerative disease that leads to joint destruction and is most common in older people. Without effective treatment it can lead to various complications, including severe pain and difficulty walking.

Many patients choose foreign hospitals for modern treatments. Today, the most popular countries for hip replacement are Israel, Switzerland and Germany. The hip replacement cost there is about €22,000.

Treatment options in hospitals abroad

Unfortunately, there are currently little treatment options capable of restoring the patient’s own joint completely. Therefore, doctors often use total hip replacement to treat coxarthrosis at advanced stages. This method allows the patient to get rid of pain and stiffness, greatly improving his quality of life.

The modern technique of hip replacement abroad involves removing the damaged joint and replacing it with a prosthesis. As a rule, the prosthesis is manufactured taking into account the peculiarities of the patient’s body. This makes it possible to restore normal leg movements.

After hip replacement surgery, patients need to undergo rehabilitation aimed at restoring the weakened muscles and walking ability. In few weeks after surgery, the patient is discharged from the hospital, but a full load on the joint can be given no sooner than in a month. As a rule, patients have no trouble recovering from hip replacement surgery.

Benefits of treatment abroad

There are many medical centers abroad that specialize in joint replacement. Their main advantage is the presence of experienced doctors who have performed a huge number of such operations. Each of them has extensive experience in treating the most difficult cases of coxarthrosis, so you can be sure that you will get the best possible treatment.

Thanks to the use of modern treatment techniques and the vast experience of the surgeons, the success rate of total hip replacement in foreign hospitals is more than 95%. Within the first couple of days after treatment, patients notice a significant improvement in their well-being as well as the alleviation of their symptoms.

The best places for hip replacement

There are many hospitals in the world, and it is difficult to choose among them the one where you will receive high-quality treatment. To facilitate the choice, a list of the best hospitals has been compiled, based on success rates, implementation modern treatment protocols, and presence of quality  :

  1. Hospital Neuwerk Moenchengladbach
  2. Catholic Clinic Koblenz-Montabaur
  3. Academic Hospital Brothers of Mercy Munich
  4. Academic Municipal Hospital Karlsruhe
  5. Vitos Orthopedic Clinic Kassel

If you choose the hospital for hip replacement from this list, you will receive the highest level of healthcare services.   will also vary depending on the level of the medical center.

How to get hip replacement during the lockdown

Because of COVID-19, many patients have difficulties with undergoing treatment abroad. To receive treatment at modern hospitals during a lockdown, you can contact the medical tourism operator Booking Health.

During the lockdown, Booking Health helps patients get treatment abroad thanks to many years of direct cooperation with a huge number of hospitals. If necessary, you will receive help with issuing visa and booking accommodation. In the most difficult cases, Booking Health will confirm the entrance permission through the German Federal Police.

Cost-effective treatment abroad

Many patients think the costs of treatment abroad are always enormously high. However, thanks to the medical tourism operator Booking Health, you no longer have to pay additional fees during treatment abroad. Thus, the hip replacement cost will be up to 50% lower than if you organize it yourself. The amount of money spent at rehabilitation will also be lower.

Besides attractive prices, you will also get numerous advantages. Booking Health will provide you with:

  • Accommodation and tickets booking
  • Transfer from the airport
  • 24-hour support
  • Translation of medical reports
  • Distant communication with your physician
  • And others


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