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How Do Floridians Like to Spend Their Time Online?

Did you know that a higher percentage of North Americans are connected to the internet than anywhere else in the world? With an online penetration rate of 93.9%, those living on that continent are highly connected individuals. That’s especially true in the USA, where people spend an average of 6.31 hours on the internet every day. 

So what, exactly, do Americans like to do while surfing the web? While we can’t speak for the entirety of the States’ population, here’s a brief rundown of the most popular activities among Floridians. Perhaps the next time you find yourself at a loose end online, one of these suggestions could help keep your mind occupied and your attention engaged.

Replying to emails

Even though many of us work 9 to 5 jobs, a significant proportion of us find it difficult to avoid bringing work home with us. That’s why replying to emails occupies a substantial portion of the time that people in Florida spend online. Of course, personal correspondence accounts for some of those emails, but business matters occupy the lion’s share.

Streaming content

Gone are the days when you’d have to tune in at a specific time to watch your favorite show (or, worse still, set the VCR to record it for you!). With the advent of online streaming platforms, people have the power to view what they want, whenever they want to watch it. You can even binge entire series back-to-back if the fancy takes you! And for many, it most certainly does.

Playing games

We’ve come a long way from the days of playing Snake on your Nokia 3310 or Tetris on your Nintendo Gameboy. Today, the gaming sector is a fascinating alternative universe in which you can fight the baddies, compete for the highest sporting accolades and become a hero. And with the arrival of virtual reality (VR) technology, the experience just got even more immersive.


Speaking of the gaming industry, your online entertainment options are not just limited to those played on a console. Online casinos mean that it’s no longer necessary to travel to a brick-and-mortar establishment to enjoy slots, poker or roulette – the wonders of modern technology mean you can now visit a Canadian online casino from the comfort of your Florida home. 


Just as the internet has made gambling at a casino that much more convenient, so too has it revolutionized the way we shop. There’s no longer any need to visit your local mall to peruse the goods on offer, since the world wide web is home to a far greater range of choices than you’d ever find in store. Next-day delivery, free returns and online discounts only sweeten the deal.


Whether it’s interacting with friends and colleagues on Facebook, networking with potential business partners on LinkedIn, posting photos on Instagram or discussing ideas and opinions on Reddit, the internet is a great place for socialising with others. That’s equally true for folks you’ve already met in real life as it is for those you don’t know from Adam.

These are just some of the ways that Floridians spend their six daily hours online. What are yours?


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