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How Long Does an AC Repair Take?

Air conditioners are built to last for more than a decade. Typically, AC units are covered by a 10-year warranty on repairs, services, or spare parts. But when the AC system suddenly conks out, many homeowners are confused about having the unit replaced or repaired.

It’s not uncommon to call the AC technician to get the appliance running ASAP. And one of the most common questions is: How long does an AC repair take?

There is no straight answer to this one. AC troubleshooting can range from a one-hour quick fix to a full-day unit overhaul or even several days of a complete HVAC system reinstallation. Basically, the repair duration varies depending on the type and magnitude of the trouble of the AC unit.

Here are the usual AC problems and average repair time.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a specialized fluid that enables heat exchange. If your air conditioner does not produce the desired air cooling or if it makes a bubbling sound, you can suspect a low refrigerant. In some cases, the refrigerant may leak through gaps in the ducting system or after being idle for a long time. Loading the AC unit with additional refrigerant is simple and can be done quickly in a few hours. However, the AC technician still needs to inspect the unit for possible leaks.

Damaged Belt

Air conditioners may produce sound but not strange, whirring sounds or banging noises. If your AC system begins to emit these types of noise, it might have a broken belt inside. This is a simple problem that can take a few hours to fix. While this might be a minor problem, you should not disregard the early symptom as it can lead to a more severe and expensive repair if not repaired quickly.

Broken Compressors

The compressor plays a crucial part in the air cooling function of the AC system. It is where air exchange occurs. If the air conditioner blows warm air or cannot cool your living space enough, you can suspect a broker compressor.

A damaged compressor is complex trouble that can take up to a day or longer to repair. In some cases, the compressor should be replaced. If a replacement compressor spare part is available, a replacement can be completed in half a day.

Damaged Ductwork

This is often a significant issue that should be repaired immediately to avoid more severe damage to the AC unit. It can take several days to inspect and fix the ductwork. The AC technicians need to crawl through walls and ceilings to look for and troubleshoot leaks. Depending on the home’s size and complexity of the ducting, ductwork repair may even take weeks.

AC Unit Replacement

Poorly maintained AC systems may have several problems. In most cases, a complete AC replacement is more cost-effective than fixing or replacing the spare parts. If you need a full air conditioner replacement, expect the AC service technician a whole day (or a couple of days) to complete the job.

The technician starts by disassembling the current AC system and ductwork. The electrical system and thermostat will also need to be checked. Once the existing system is removed, a new air conditioner system is installed. However, replacing a window-type air-conditioner is often easier and faster as it has fewer components and does not have a ducting system.

Other Factors That Can Affect AC Repair Duration

According to AC technicians at Orlando AC Repair company, Hartman, these are among the most common air conditioner problems they encounter. But aside from the AC system’s situation, several other factors can affect the total time needed to repair your air conditioner. The air conditioner’s type and size, location in the building, and installation type all affect how soon you can expect the unit to be fixed. Likewise, external factors can delay AC repairs, such as the availability of spare parts, weather conditions, existing structures that obstruct work, etc.

Lastly, the technician’s experience can impact how fast or slow they can fix the trouble. Avoid unscrupulous service technicians who may rip your money by charging an hourly rate and working long hours. As such, it is crucial to choose a reliable, experienced, and trustworthy technician for whatever repairs your AC unit needs. 



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