How The Three %ers movement Is Growing

The anti government group known as the Three %ers is said to be growing since the presidency of Barack Obama. This is in part due to the strongly held belief that the government is planning to remove more and more of the rights of American citizens. As a result, an increasing proportion of the population are wanting to resist this movement and joining the Three %ers movement – a group that is supposedly making its way into the United States military. As it currently stands there are said to be some 2,000 fully paying members.


 Formed back in 2008, the Three %ers group is based around a lesser known and potentially inaccurate figure from the revolutionary war that claims just three percent of American citizens bore arms and fought. Fast forward hundreds of years and these people claim to be the modern day version of those three percent of combatants. Additionally, they are said to also represent the three percent of the American population that says they will not disarm if or when firearms become outlawed in the United States.

The symbol of this group and the flag that they proudly fly, and also wear on their uniforms, is known as the Nyberg flag. Nyberg Flags and many others can be purchased online.

Oath Keepers

 The Nyberg flag is also sometimes used by another anti government group known as the Oath Keepers. This band of militia was formed in 2009 and boasts thousands of members within its ranks. Today it is led by a Nevada based lawyer by the name of Stewart Rhodes. Being a member means that you are encouraged to not follow particular orders that are given by the government. These include orders such as not putting their fellow citizens into detention camps or to disarm them. It is a strong belief of the Oath Keepers that it is the plan of the government to turn the United States into a police state.

In recent times, there have been sightings made on the Oath Keepers website of serving United States military personnel wearing the Nyberg flag, as well as other symbols (an American flag with III on it) related to these and other closely aligned anti government movements on their combat uniforms.

As part of their connection with individuals serving within the armed forces in America, the Oath Keepers regularly put together care packages to troops. As well as containing much needed supplies, these packages also contain various materials, such as DVDs, promoting the group.

Given these actions and the current political landscape in the United States, it is no surprise then that the Three %ers  movement, and other similar anti government outfits, are growing and will likely grow in numbers well into the future. What remains unclear is the direction that these types of groups will take and just how big their numbers will swell to. The country most definitely is at a crossroads and only time will tell which direction it goes in.

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