Hurricane Ian: Biden says early reports show “what appears to be substantial loss of life.”Hurricane Ian

Biden: Early reports show ‘substantial loss of life’

“It could result in substantial loss of life,” President Joe Biden said while speaking at FEMA headquarters in Washington, D.C., this afternoon.

Of Hurricane Ian, Biden said: This could be the worst hurricane in Florida history. We are hearing early reports that a significant number of lives may have been lost, although the numbers are still unknown. ”

The president continued, “My message to the people and nation of Florida: In times like these, America stands together. As one team, we stand together as one America.”

“No matter how long it takes, we’re going to get there,” Biden said, adding, “That’s my promise to you.”

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Charlotte County officials said Thursday morning they were cautiously optimistic about the worst-case scenario they projected. Hurricane Ian It didn’t happen.

speak in Press conferenceCharlotte County Emergency Management Director Patrick Fuller “We are cautiously optimistic that the predicted worst-case scenario did not materialize.”

Nonetheless, he added, “There is damage across the county that we continue to assess.”

“The integrity of the home is much better than expected, but we have rescue teams and federal and state assets that have made securing access to those islands our main priority,” he added. I got

The county is currently experiencing one of the most widespread power outages in the entire state, with nearly 90% of tracked customers reporting power outages. PowerOutages.us.

“If you decide to evacuate, wherever you live in Charlotte County, now is not the time to go back. The roads are extremely dangerous with many unknown hazards,” the county said on Facebook. Position.

Power service company Florida Power and Light has restored service to more than 500,000 affected customers. Hurricane Ian.

Nonetheless, the company “expects that some customers will face extended power outages as parts of Southwest Florida’s electrical system will need to be rebuilt rather than repaired,” the company said. Says. Said In a statement, Reuters reports.

According to FPL, the number of recovery workers has increased from 13,000 before the storm to more than 20,000, including assistance from utilities and others in 30 states.

Florida Power & Light is currently the utility company with the most blackouts in the nation. florida.

Local officials said a man died overnight in Volusia County during a storm.

In a statement released Thursday morning, the Volusia Sheriff’s Office said a 72-year-old Deltona man died overnight after he went outdoors during a storm and drained water from his swimming pool. said.

“After the victim’s wife reported him missing after going outside, attorneys responded to a home on Poinciana Street near Lake Bethel around 1 a.m. While searching for him, attorneys found his flashlight and found an unresponsive victim in the canal behind the house.

Several deputies pulled the victim out of the water and performed CPR until paramedics arrived, but the victim was unable to be resuscitated. He was later confirmed dead at the hospital.”

Initial findings indicate that the man was attempting to drain the pool using a hose down the hill into a 30-foot-wide canal. ”

The county’s curfew, which took effect last night, has been extended until 7 a.m. Friday morning. Said George Rechtenwald, Volusia County Manager.

Video of shopping centerA billboard collapsed in Jacksonville, florida Just as the reporter was about to go on air.

Hurricane Ian: Billboard at shopping center topples as reporter prepares to air – video

A First Coast News reporter can be seen rushing back in shock when the structure collapses.

“Tell me I was recording… oh my god!” she said.

Meanwhile, another reporter went viral after appearing to use a condom to keep his microphone dry while reporting in a storm.

NBC2 Reporter Kyra Geller Confirmed Her unconventional protective gear says: It’s windy and rainy, so we have to do what we have to do.”

Video of man rescuing cat on the way Hurricane Ian Southwestern Florida.

“My boyfriend is saving a cat from a flood near Bonita Beach,” she wrote. Megan Cruz Scabo In the caption that accompanied the video of her 29-year-old boyfriend: Mike Ross Help a frightened cat sitting on an air conditioner by stepping in knee-deep water.

Ross’ mother, Marybeth Ross, filmed the rescue and said, “Watch Michael save the kittens. Oh!”

Since then, the video has garnered 3.1 million views on Twitter and tons of praise and accolades.

“Sorry Megan, but he’s everyone’s boyfriend now. I don’t make rules.” I have written 1 user.

“It was beautiful to see him approach the cat with respect! The poor girl was clearly frightened and believed to be taken care of.” Said.

Inglewood Hospital, florida Patients are being transferred to other facilities as a result of the storm.

on facebook Position On Thursday, HCA Florida Inglewood Hospital announced it had suspended all services and was now “transferring patients to other HCA Florida Healthcare hospitals” as a “necessary step in preparing for Hurricane Ian.” did.

The hospital has also set up a patient reunification hotline for patients’ families.

Hurricane Ian moves northeast

Hurricane Ian is moving northeast at nearly 8 miles per hour (13 km/h). Recommendation The announcement was made this morning by the National Hurricane Center.

“A north-northeast turn is expected later today, followed by north and north-northwest turns with increased forward speed on Friday and Friday night,” it said.

The hurricane’s center is expected to move off the east-central coast. florida Heading to the South Carolina coast on Friday.

On Friday night and Saturday, the center moved further inland across the Carolinas, with maximum sustained winds staying near 65 mph (100 km/h), with higher gusts to follow, the advisory added.

A Guardian graphic in the path of Hurricane Ian

Part of Florida’s major bridge destroyed by hurricane

Part of the Sanibel Causeway, the main road connecting Sanibel and Captiva Islands to the mainland, was destroyed. Hurricane Ian.

“Where the bridge rises from the mainland towards the island, one of the first sections of the span is missing. A collapsed pavement is near the water’s edge. The remainder of the bridge extends forward and is inaccessible. said the Tampa Bay Times. report.

The walkway surrounding the bridge has been described as “folded like an accordion and torn like a ribbon”.

“At about 1:30 am, two cars tried to make their way to the island, including a group of young men wanting to see their friends. They had to turn around. It didn’t,” the outlet added.

Joe Biden appoints Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator florida The White House said it will assess response efforts tomorrow.

A White House statement released Thursday morning said:

“The president this morning Governor Ron DeSantis Florida to discuss the steps the Biden-Harris administration is taking to help Florida in response to Hurricane Ian, including issuing a disaster declaration this morning.

“The president has informed the governor that FEMA administrators will be sent to Florida tomorrow to check response efforts and identify areas where additional support is needed. The president and governor will continue to work closely together. I promised,” he added.

The governor said later today there will be more clarity on the death toll across the state.

“My sense is that the water level was very high,” DeSantis said, adding, “I hope to see many people being transported to safety.”

Florida received over 15,000 inputs to its shelter-in-place system. florida Director of Emergency Management, Kevin Guthrie, said at a press conference:

He went on to call on those who were not evacuated to “provide critical information to first responders.”

DeSantis said there was no confirmed statewide death toll.

A number of 911 calls have been confirmed from residents trapped in their homes by the flooding. “Those people will be checked over the next few days,” the governor said.

Nonetheless, he said there were “two unidentified deaths” that could be related to the storm.

DeSantis: “I have never seen a flood event like this”

“I’ve never seen a flood like this. I’ve never seen a storm surge of this magnitude,” the governor said.

DeSantis announced that it has deployed 100 portable cell towers in the Southwest after multiple disruptions to communications across the state. florida.

“As soon as the storm passed, early in the morning first responders from the local, state and federal levels descended on the Southwest. floridasaid DeSantis.

The governor went on to describe the storm event and the damage it caused as “historic.”

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/live/2022/sep/29/hurricane-ian-latest-updates-live-news-florida-storm Hurricane Ian: Biden says early reports show “what appears to be substantial loss of life.”Hurricane Ian

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