Is Tutoring Better Than Teaching:

What’s the difference between a teacher and a tutor? Many people wrongly believe that they are the same thing. Although teachers and tutors have the same objective of imparting education, there are significant differences between teaching methods and lifestyles.

The biggest difference is that tutors work with individual students, teaching them new concepts and increasing their knowledge. One of the biggest names in tutoring services is UpskillsTutor, which helps students connect with experienced tutors for many different subjects.

On the other hand, teachers work in schools or other educational institutions teaching many students. Let’s find out some other key differences between tutors and teachers and which one is better for you.

  1. Number of Students:

Tutors provide individual or one-on-one lessons. These lessons are tailored to the specific learning needs of each student. Being a tutor allows you to work from any place as the lessons can also be provided online.

While teachers usually have a large number of students, mostly in fixed environments like educational institutes. Teachers can also work online, but the biggest difference is that teachers cannot tailor their teaching methods to the needs of every individual student.

2. Qualifications:

You can become a tutor without the need for any formal university education. A tutor only requires relevant knowledge and experience to teach the students. Tutors are mostly hired for providing additional help to students after school hours.

Becoming a teacher requires a formal degree and teaching qualifications. Most institutions prefer that the teachers have relevant degrees in their field.

3. Pay Methods:

Another big difference is the way tutors earn money. They can charge for per-hour classes from individual students. Tutors also offer monthly packages, but their rates are determined by the hour. If you are looking to provide services as a tutor, you can earn based on the teaching hours.

The rate may differ according to the demand for the subject and your experience. So, tutors can earn according to how much they want to work.

While teachers get paid a fixed salary at the end of the month, they have to teach for a specific number of hours in the institute to earn their salary.

4. Lesson Plans:

A big advantage of a tutor is that they can offer variable lesson plans according to the learner’s requirements. Some tutors develop their courses which they think can help the students more.

But a teacher must follow the school curriculum for teaching students. Teachers must adopt the school policy for providing education.

5. Timing:

Flexible time is another difference between tutors and teachers. The tutors can offer flexible classes according to their personal and the students’ needs.

Teachers in a school must follow the school time for providing education.

Now you know the significant differences between tutors and teachers. We can say that if you are looking for flexible teaching timings, variable lesson plans, and the chance of earning more by working hard, then becoming a tutor has more advantages than a teacher.


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