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IT for Asphalt Paving Business: How Can It Help?

IT needs of small business is rapidly becoming an essential part of the asphalt paving business. Whether it’s customer contact, billing, accounting, inventory management, or workflow optimization- every aspect of the asphalt business is being improved through the use of modern information technology. Customized solutions that take things like geolocation and industry-specific terminology, allowing companies to improve their efficiency without requiring them to overhaul their whole infrastructure. It can also be customized to fit around existing software used by businesses.

Customer contact

The most important thing in any business is the customers- so it makes sense that this would start with IT integration. The biggest challenge in the asphalt business is scheduling. Asphalt Paving Businesses needs to receive customer calls, answer all their questions as best as possible, and schedule a time for a contractor to come out and give them an estimate.

This process usually involves multiple phone calls from both the company and the customer, back and forth, with lots of information being exchanged about job site location, address, etc. Once a job is scheduled, it must be synchronized across all devices so that everyone involved can have quick access to this important information.

Asphalt companies also use IT running on smartphones or tablets to help customers immediately without having to make a phone call and wait on hold. This is especially helpful when tree and brush removal is urgently needed to complete a project, yet the client is not on site.

Billing and accounting

Using information technology in the billing and accounting department is an important part of running any business, but even more so with asphalt paving businesses because there are lots of little details that need to be tracked—such as:

  • What truck was used for each job
  • The amount of paving materials required
  • The number of staff employed and their hourly rates

Asphalt paving businesses can rely on such information when processing invoices, quotations, or billing their clients—thanks to implementing IT. Besides, all this work can be done by one person, hence reducing operation costs.

Inventory management

IT makes everything easier, including inventory management. When managing large amounts of inventory, it’s important to visualize where every item is at any time. Using IT means you can use geolocation to set up individualized alerts for when certain products arrive at certain locations. It also means you can check the location of materials instantly instead of manually checking each truck as they come. The technology companies make available allows companies to track things like paint usage, GPS locations for trucks and trailers throughout their routes, delivery schedules- everything that will help run an efficient business.

Workflow optimization

The asphalt paving experts from ABC paving & sealcoating say that the asphalt business is extremely fast-paced, and every second matters. Using smartphones or tablets with geolocation ensures that workers always have the data they need at their fingertips as they are moving from one job to another, instead of having to stop and look up information in a paper form manual along the way.

This helps companies reduce time wasted between job site visits, saving them money on fuel costs- especially important when dealing with large equipment such as asphalt pavers and rollers. It also means that there’s no chance for human error. If you’re going to be late because you had to go back and check your truck for some critical bit of information before going out, you might lose a customer forever.

Customized solutions

Every single business is different, and every single one uses different software. Information technology allows for customized solutions that meet individual needs exactly- no more, no less. It means you can get rid of all the clutter you don’t need while still maintaining an efficient workflow with minimal data entry to boot.

Asphalt paving businesses are constantly trying to make their companies run smoother- which usually means hiring more employees or buying new equipment. Instead of doing this, it makes sense to look at the tech tools available to solve these problems without incurring additional overhead costs.

How can asphalt paving businesses implement IT?

The first step is to look at your current business processes and see where information technology can help. This could be anywhere from billing, inventory management, workforce management- all the way to GPS tracking for trucks. It’s not as complicated as it might seem, but it will require a thorough examination of workflow processes. Some companies are fully integrated with their customer relationship management (CRM). Others are still using good old-fashioned pen and paper methods.

Comparing different systems is critical before choosing one—you don’t want to purchase software that won’t meet your needs or give you any benefits over what you have now. Be honest about what would work best for your company moving forward! You’ll have fewer problems in the long run.

The role of IT in asphalt paving is critical to the success and efficiency of a company. To maximize this, it’s important to find the right system for your individual needs and implement it as soon as possible!


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