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Jan. 6 House Committee Releases Final Report, Explaining Trump’s “Conspiracy”

Washington — The final report of the House Committee on Jan. 6 found that Donald Trump was criminally involved in a “multi-part conspiracy” to overturn the legitimate outcome of the 2020 presidential election, accusing him of An unusual 18-2-year-old riot and former president’s monthly investigation, claiming he took no action to prevent his supporters from attacking the Capitol.

The 814-page report, released Thursday, comes after the panel interviewed more than 1,000 witnesses, held 10 hearings and obtained millions of pages of documents. From many of Trump’s entourage to law enforcement, to some of the mobsters themselves, how Trump’s actions in the weeks preceding the riots and his widespread pressure campaign to reverse his defeat It detailed how it had a direct impact on those who brutally pushed aside the riots. On January 6, 2021, he was attacked by police after breaking through windows and doors of the Capitol.

“The main culprit on January 6th was one man followed by many others: former President Donald Trump,” the report reads. “Without him, the events of January 6th would not have happened.”

The media player video above is from a previous report

The nine-member committee concluded that the riots seriously threatened democracy and “endangered the lives of American lawmakers.”

The eight-chapter findings of the report, much like the committee hearings this summer, reveal the astounding plot devised by Trump and his advisers to nullify the victory of President Joe Biden. It explains many aspects. Lawmakers say they are pressuring state and federal officials, lawmakers and Vice President Mike Pence to manipulate the system or break the law.

Trump’s repeated and false allegations that voter fraud is rampant have resonated with his supporters, amplified on social media, and were cultivated during his four-year tenure, according to the committee. And when they resorted to violence and stormed the Capitol, he did little to stop them.

Massive and damning reports come as Trump runs for president again and faces multiple federal investigations, including an inquiry into his role in the insurgency and the presence of classified documents at his Florida mansion . This week has been particularly haunting for him as a House committee is expected to release his tax returns after years of fighting to keep them private. , Trump has been accused by Republicans of disappointing midterm elections, leaving him in his most politically vulnerable position since winning the 2016 election.

It’s also the last act for House Democrats who are looking to cede power to Republicans in less than two weeks, having spent the majority of four years of power investigating Trump. . He was acquitted both times in the Senate. Other Democratic-led investigations investigated his finances, businesses, foreign ties and family.

On Monday, a committee of seven Democrats and two Republicans formally handed over the investigation to the Justice Department, recommending the Justice Department investigate the former president for four crimes, including aiding the riot. Although there is no legal basis for the referral, it is the final statement from the Commission after a year and a half of extensive research.

Trump has tried to discredit the report by accusing committee members of being “thugs and thugs” as he continues to falsely discuss the 2020 loss.

“They don’t understand that following me brings freedom-loving people around me. It makes me stronger,” Trump said in response to the commission’s criminal complaint. .

The commission has also begun releasing hundreds of transcripts of interviews. On Thursday, the committee testified in person at one of its televised hearings over the summer, describing in vivid detail Trump’s efforts to influence the outcome of the election and his indifference to the election. We have released transcripts of two closed-door interviews with House Assistant Cassidy Hutchinson. when riots occur.

In two interviews after attending hearings in July, she said in committee interviews that many of Trump’s supporters, including lawyers, pressured her not to say too much. said.

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https://abc7ny.com/jan-6-final-report-capitol-insurrection-donald-trump/12604182/ Jan. 6 House Committee Releases Final Report, Explaining Trump’s “Conspiracy”

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