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King Charles III rushes to make a mark

LondonCharles III I am in a hurry.

After waiting 74 years to become king, Prince Charles spent his first six months meeting with faith leaders around the country, remodeling the royal residence, making his first official visit abroad, and visiting Windsor Castle, including an English coach. I stayed at soccer team.Then came the big news: he opened the royal archives To researchers investigating the relationship between the crown and slavery.

Royal historian Robert Lacey said, “I’m surprised that Prince Charles became King Charles and still calls him Prince Charles.” I became a monarch sooner than I should have.”

and coronation Just a few weeks later, Charles and the Buckingham Palace machine are at full speed, showing the new King in action. And let’s slim down the monarchy and show that it’s still appropriate in a modern multicultural nation where homage to Queen Elizabeth II has held back criticism while she’s been on the throne for 70 years. As, the public sees a new kind of sovereign.

The matronic politeness that characterized Elizabeth’s reign is out. A more human monarch, he held back tears as he addressed his country after the death of his mother, and died in small hands when his pen leaked from his finger while signing a book in Northern Ireland. I threw a tantrum, and the public burst into laughter. The king carries around his own pen to sign the emergency.

While Elizabeth proudly proceeded with her meetings with those who bowed and bowed before her, King Charles held a gurdwara (Sikh place of worship) at Luton, about 50 kilometers northwest of London. ) sat on the floor with the congregation. . his first state visithe demonstrated the ability to properly roll the R while alternating between German and English Address to Congressthe German parliament.

The Germans were impressed. The British were astonished. Who knew he could speak German?

It is as if Charles, long derided as gray and stiff, had just stepped into the room. His personality is starting to emerge with extreme delicacy, such as the ever-changing pocket square that adds color to a conservative suit.

“Charles, the monarch, with his flaws and virtues, is the object of more genuine interest,” said Lacy, author of The Battle of the Brothers: William and Harry and the Family Story Behind the Turmoil. rice field.

“I mean, what kind of pocket square is he going to wear? Maybe this will be the Queen’s equivalent of a handbag.”

One of the reasons Charles wants to take up the job may be because he knows he doesn’t have a lot of time to get things done.

The man who’s been waiting his whole life to be king hints at the passing of time at a white-tie dinner at Berlin’s presidential palace, where he and Camilla “live long enough” to see the saplings they just planted. He said he hopes to come back for…Grows into a tree.

But some are related to history, others to family.

Prince Charles tried to stay ahead of historical issues by promising to be open about the royal family’s relationship with slavery, but some believe the commitment was insufficient.

Laura Trevelyan, whose ancestors enslaved at least 1,000 people on Grenada, says the king should do what his family did and apologize.

“We hope to use some of the wealth the royal family amassed in the slave trade to improve the lives of those descended from slaves in the Caribbean and Britain,” she told The Times of London.

Then there is the family.

Prince Charles’ memoir ‘Spare’ depicts his father as alienated and inconsiderate to his son, who suffered the death of his mother, Princess Diana, and had to fight for the royal family to accept his wife from Prince Harry continue to fend off criticism. , biracial American, Meghan.

Hugo Vickers, royal historian and author of The Coronation: The Coronation of Elizabeth II, sees the accession of the new king as being appointed chairman of a global corporation at a time when most people have retired. compared. In addition to running the royal family and mediating family feuds, it’s a job in which he faces religious, military, and political issues.

Vickers said of Charles, who turns 75 in November, “It’s a challenge at that age. ‘So yes, I think he’s someone who is in a hurry.'”

But on another level, Charles’ long apprenticeship is also an advantage, giving him more training and experience than his mother, who was only 25 when she became Queen.

Elizabeth, like all British monarchs before her, was educated by private tutors, but Charles, who had just turned eight, was taken to London’s Hill House School to experience the world outside the palace. began to

Richard Townend, son of the school’s founder, was a contemporary of Charles at Hill House.

Townend said he created the school as a countermeasure to what his father saw as a soldier, thinking that children who learned about other cultures would be less likely to go to war as adults.

“What he wanted to do was create a school that was completely unlike any other school at the time, where half the kids weren’t English,” Townend said. “Because they came from all over the world, the children learned to live with each other, with different nationalities, different people, different skins, different races, different religions.”

“He felt passionately that the world would be a better place if children learned to live in peace with each other.”

Charles eventually earned a degree in history from Cambridge University and spent six years in the Royal Navy before retiring to concentrate on his duties as heir to the throne.

As Prince of Wales, he founded a charity that helps young people find employment, education and training. He started an organic food company and dabbled in urban planning. Charles was also an early advocate of nature conservation and environmental protection.

That said, he has lobbied cabinet ministers to speak out against projects that they believe threaten Britain’s historic buildings, and to complain that they have violated laws against royals interfering in politics. When he called, he ruffled his wings.

But the biggest controversy in Charles’ life was the disintegration of his marriage to Princess Diana, amidst stories about his longtime relationship with his second wife-to-be, Camilla Parker-Bowles. People still remember Charles admitting to adultery and the leaked tape of an intimate conversation between Charles and Camilla.

It took many years for Charles to shake off the failure of his first marriage, and many people were slow to accept Camilla.

In “Spare,” Harry wrote bitterly about the palace’s efforts to restore Camilla’s image, with flattery and falsehoods about him being leaked to the media in exchange for a more illustrious portrait of the senior royal. suggested that

Over time, Camilla’s philanthropy, sense of humor, and down-to-earth style won over the public, and she rose from home-wrecker to queen.

She will be crowned with her husband at Westminster Abbey.

“This is a man who overcame problems and hurdles,” said Lacy, a history consultant for the Netflix series “The Crown.”

“He is loved despite all his troubles. He is loved not only for his virtues, but also for his faults. is the whole of the monarchy in which the is personally represented.”

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