MAD DADS celebrates 20 years fighting crime in Jacksonville

jacksonville, florida – A horrifying incident in 2002 inspired Donald Foy to start the MAD DADS Jacksonville chapter.

Twenty years later, crime prevention groups continue to work with victims’ families and spread the message to people in their communities to speak up and stop crime.

“The president of the nation came to Jacksonville and asked me to be president. I said no because I was already busy with the community and busy with the church,” Foy said.

However, Foy’s fears about his position changed when Johnny Gatlin and her two nephews, 12-year-old Chris Kirkland and 13-year-old Deon Kirkland, were shot and mistakenly identified.

“That’s how MAD DADS started. I was like, ‘Who’s doing something about it?’ They said, ‘Nobody.’ So the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, And I did,” Foy said.

Since then, MAD DADS has continued to grow. Events and neighborhood walks are completely optional. The message of this group has never changed – break the street rules of silence and call the Crime Stoppers.

Another case that Foy personally touched upon was that of 8-year-old Dreshona Davis. She was killed protecting her cousins ​​from gunfire.

Foy says his motivation for continuing to serve his family for 20 years is a simple answer: God called me to do this. ”

Foy has received several awards for his achievements in the community. He said he would continue to serve and lead the chapter as long as his body had breath.

“Even if I leave here today, the MAD DADS are still here. And the leader is still here. I will prepare that leader,” Foy said.

Jacksonville Sheriff TK Waters shared this message as the organization celebrates its 20th anniversary.

“MADDADS has had a noticeable impact on Jacksonville over the years, and I have worked with Mr. Foy and his group many times as they work for victims and their loved ones. I, along with the members of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department, thank and thank them for their work and will continue to do so for our community.”

MAD DADS also partnered Florida Youth Maritime Training to help train young people to become seafarersThis allows them to grow and have careers that they can avoid that often lead to crime and violence.

Foy also shared a message to the community.

“You are valuable. You are an asset. .

If you have information about an unsolved case, we encourage you to remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at 866-845-TIPS.

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