Maine lobster industry sues over don’t eat list

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A coalition representing Maine’s lobster industry said it advised seafood customers not to buy a variety of lobsters harvested primarily in that state, an aquarium on the other side of the country. is suing.

Industry groups, including the Maine Lobster Association, are suing California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium for defamation, and in a lawsuit filed Monday, the company was placed on a “red list” published by Seafood Watch, a conservation program run by the company. They argue that their precious catch should not be loaded.

Last year Seafood Watch introduced lobster from the US and Canada. on that list of seafood to avoid because threats are posed to rare whales by being caught in the fishing gear used to harvest American lobster, a species that makes up the bulk of the American lobster market.

Only about 340 North American right whales are threatened with extinction and have been declining in recent years.

But the lobster industry has told the U.S. District Court in Maine that the aquarium’s recommendations were based on bad science and falsely portrayed lobster fishing as a threat to whales. is seeking to compel the aquarium to remove “defamatory statements” from its website and materials, court records say.

“This is an important lawsuit that will help eradicate the damage caused by people who have no idea of ​​the care lobster fishermen have taken to protect the ecosystem and the ocean,” said the plaintiffs in the lawsuit in a statement.

The aquarium says its recommendations are correct based on the best available evidence. Right whales are easy to get entangled in fishing gear.

The lawsuit “disregards widespread evidence that these fisheries pose serious risks to the survival of the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale and seeks to educate the public on the importance of healthy oceans. aquarium’s spokesperson Kevin Conner said.

Another group, the Marine Stewardship Council, last year Suspension of sustainability certification It gave Maine’s lobster industry an award over concerns about harm to whales. A lack of sustainability recommendations has caused some retailers to stop selling lobster.

The US lobster industry is primarily based in Maine.brought about by industry 98 million pounds of lobster To the dock last year. Although lower than the previous year, it was a historically high figure.

https://fox40.com/news/national-and-world-news/maine-lobster-industry-sues-over-do-not-eat-listing/ Maine lobster industry sues over don’t eat list

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