Memorial service held for victims of hot yoga shooting in 2018

  • Family, friends and colleagues of Maura Binkley and Nancy Van Vessem gathered for a memorial service Thursday
  • Speakers included former FSU President John Thrasher, Maura’s father Jeff and more
  • Watch now to see how both women continue to be honored, years after their deaths

Five years later, and the memories of Maura Binkley and Nancy Van Vessem are just as fresh…

I’m Alberto Camargo in Collegetown, here at Florida State University where a memorial service was held for the two women who were killed in the hot yoga shooting in 2018.

I spoke with Maura and Nancy’s loved ones to hear how impactful they were… and continue to be.

The memorial service featured speakers from the Florida State community, including then-President John Thrasher.

Kind words, laughs and tears were shared about the lives of both women.

One of the many words used to describe Maura: bright.

“There isn’t a reason she couldn’t be described that way. She was outgoing, adventurous. She was truly truly one of a kind.”

Nancy Van Vessem was remembered by her friend and colleague Dr. Lynn Jones as…

“The only person I’ve ever really had that I aspired to be like her. She was a mentor, set this great example.”

Both continue to be honored today. Maura’s Voice is a research fund dedicated to learning about violent acts and how to prevent them. A topic that Maura was passionate about.

“Her legacy is living on with not just a few people but hundreds of people supporting her, supporting education, supporting research. I think she would be beyond proud.”

Nancy is honored through the scholarship in her name, which is dedicated to medical students who want to be primary care physicians and stay in the Tallahassee community long-term. Jones says it’s on brand for who Nancy was as a person.

“She wanted to do good in the world and help people. So I think it would please her to see the positive that has come out of this terrible tragedy.”

Through the research and advocacy efforts of Maura’s Voice, as well the Nancy Van Vessem Memorial scholarship, the memories of Maura and Nancy live on. In Collegetown, I’m Alberto camargo, ABC27.

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