Mitt Romney on the dangers of not helping Ukraine fight Russia

Doing the right thing for other countries is also the right thing for America.It is in US interest in helping UkraineEven if Russia manages to conquer Ukraine, commit atrocities and subordinate it, expect Russia to wage war again.

Russia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is part of China, the EU, or the US. Its population is half that of the United States and one-eighth that of China, and is declining. An economy corrupted by Putin’s oligarchs is far behind. The late John McCain quipped, “Russia is a gas station disguised as a country.”

Putin has aimed to forestall the decline of Russia as a great power by invading Georgia, Crimea and the rest of what is now Ukraine. , with the aim of ensuring a more competitive industrial base. Putin cannot restore Russia’s status simply by occupying Ukraine. He must invade other potential NATO allies and draw America into the war. By supporting Ukraine, Russia will be much less likely to start another large-scale war.

Ukraine’s vigorous defense is crushing the Russian military. Britain estimates that Russia suffered about 200,000 casualties and lost almost half of its tanks and many aircraft and guided missiles.Putin’s Russia is not our friend — 1,500 nuclear missiles are aimed at us — and that China’s most powerful allyWeakening our adversaries increases America’s security advantage, but it’s done without shedding American blood.

By supporting Ukraine, we not only support our European allies, but strengthen them. European NATO members have significantly increased their defense budgets while focusing on stabilizing Ukraine’s finances. Our allies have provided nearly $70 billion in aid. In addition, Europeans are suffering from significant increases in energy prices due to limited Russian supplies. Europe also bears the burden of 8 million Ukrainian refugees. We want the EU to do more. But whether the EU has made enough sacrifices is irrelevant to our own national interests.

Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was the site of numerous nuclear weapons. In 1994, as a motivation for Ukraine to give up its nuclear weapons, the United States Budapest Memorandum of Understanding, guaranteed the sovereignty of Ukraine. Abandoning a besieged Ukraine would tell the world that America’s promises are virtually meaningless. It will take a toll on current and future alliances that are vital to U.S. security superiority, especially in a context of escalating Chinese threats. It is right, and it is right for America, to honor our word.

It is in America’s interest that China not invade Taiwan, the source of nearly three-quarters of the world’s semiconductors.when Russia invades Ukraine A year ago, former President Donald Trump predicted that China would invade Taiwan. There is a possibility. Undoubtedly, China is watching what is happening in Ukraine, and the slower Russia’s aggression, the less likely China will imminently follow suit.

Over the past two years, Congress has allocated $104 billion in aid. About 40% of that is used by Ukraine to purchase US-made military equipment. The U.S. defense budget last year exceeded her $740 billion, and spending a tiny fraction of that budget on wreaking havoc on our adversaries is a huge understatement to ensure our own safety and national security. Helpful.

The transfer of military equipment to Ukraine has exhausted some of our own equipment, but the process has revealed gaps in military readiness that now have the opportunity to be filled. Moreover, many of the types of military equipment needed to deter future Chinese aggression – submarines, surface ships and anti-ship missiles – will not be affected by what we send to Ukraine.

The courage and determination of Ukrainian soldiers, leaders and citizens far exceed expectations. But they now face a much larger and wealthier foe in a war of attrition. War is what they fight. We must walk a fine line, helping Ukraine as much as possible without getting into conflict.

In some respects Russia has already lost. The weakening and corruption of Putin’s military has reduced Russia’s national status that he sought to raise. His abandonment of Russia’s promise to guarantee Ukraine’s sovereignty and his threat of nuclear weapons are signs of duality and desperation.

The global rivalry between dictatorships and democracies is central to the Ukraine stage. The world is watching to see if we have the courage to stand up for what we believe. America will not hesitate to stand for freedom. Doing the right thing is the right thing to do for America.

Mitt Romney is a Utah Congressman.

https://www.deseret.com/opinion/2023/3/4/23623947/romney-us-ukraine-support Mitt Romney on the dangers of not helping Ukraine fight Russia

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