NBC political reporter appears to brag about tenant eviction in Instagram post

Ann NBC A political reporter appeared to boast about moving the tenant out, and shared a screengrab of text where the tenant requested more time to move out but was denied.

Mark Caputo is NBC News original Miami, florida.

He Instagram Share how he operates as a landlord and evict tenants living in his home key west House.

The journalist posted several Instagram stories on Tuesday, sharing text messages between himself, his property manager and tenants. defector report.

In one of the images shared, Tennant wants to “enjoy sex in prison,” and Tennant says, “Law enforcement is there, so he’s almost literally holding a gun to his head.” It shows Caputo telling the property manager that

Caputo called Tennant a “junkie”. He posted a video of a car filled with tools and cleaning supplies with the caption, “Junky tenant damage assessment gear.”

He also posted a screenshot of a text exchange with a producer asking him to appear on TV.

“…of course TV wants me on at 2pm. Live evictions are for making good TV,” he wrote in the caption.

Caputo shared footage from the house following the eviction. In it, a man had to break down the door with an ax to get inside, he said.

Mark Caputo Appears on MSNBC


In a statement to defector, Caputo said: He stole my rent, abandoned town, and was finally forced to pay my bills.

“He broke windows, took locks, smashed doors after apparently locking someone in, smashed carport posts after driving drunk, and ruined pipes by spilling cigarette butts. and ruined property. Flush the drains and toilets,” he added.

“After months of delinquent rent, lying, and disturbing other tenants, I asked him to move out… I offered him cash and he was forced to move out.” He even offered to help with the eviction, but he refused and continued to lie .

“I also had the details on my private Instagram account, but I understand they weren’t shared with you. Out of deep frustration I turned into a mockery of the terrible situation.” he told the outlet.

Public court documents show that Caputo filed a “residential eviction” petition on January 4. defector.

“Defendants failed to evict pursuant to notice served on December 15, 2022 and wrongfully refused to relinquish title or pay rent,” the legal documents state.

A judge issued an order for the tenant to be evicted by the sheriff just two weeks later.

“Note: A new 24-hour eviction notice will be delivered to your door between 3:00 and 5:00 pm today. Everything must be out of there by that time on Tuesday. It’s 2:30 PM You won’t be able to access your unit or property after 2:30 PM Caputo has sent a text message to your tenant, according to a screenshot posted by a reporter.

“Tomorrow please. I’ll go out,” said the tenant.

“Yes, tomorrow at 2:30 pm,” Caputo replied.

At 1:23 p.m. the next day, the resident said, “I can’t move in until tomorrow morning. I did.”

“Unfortunate. It’s time,” Caputo said. “You were supposed to move out on December 31st. I gave you until January 15th and offered to give you $2000 if you did. Like all other deadlines to do something on time you missed that deadline and then you claimed to move out last Wednesday the 18th and Thursday the 19th. Today is the 24th. Time is up. You have to leave.”

“I will. Before the day is over,” replied Tennant.

“You leave at 2:30 pm,” said Caputo.

“There’s no way. It’ll be fine by morning. I mean today. Please don’t do this,” Tennant added.

“Actually there is a way. Because I will tell the truth. And stop listening to yourself because you are being fooled by your own lies,” the reporter replied. .

“I’m just waiting for my friends. Please?” Tennant asked.

“Let’s move. No, it’s too late. The lieutenant is coming at 2:30. I’m going to evict you and trespass. I’m sorry I’ve come this far. But you have no one to blame but yourself. Now. Don’t worry, don’t worry, it won’t take you an hour,” Caputo told him.

Property managers seem to share some concerns about tenants’ mental health, saying the residence has a “gun-in-your-mouth vibe.”

“The guy has nowhere to go and no one loves him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s handcuffed and all the s*** is still there,” he said. Told.

“He has a gun to his head in an almost literal sense because law enforcement is there. As Mao said, all political power comes from the barrel of a gun,” Caputo said.

The tenant was arrested for possession, theft, vandalism and misdemeanor offenses. defector report.

“I hope he enjoys sex in prison.

“I told him bluntly that I did not take pleasure in doing this and that as far as the law was concerned he would get what came to him. I think Red has a little bit of empathy, just a little bit without telling anyone, he didn’t have any of that for us, so fuck him,’ said the manager. I got

Independent We’ve reached out to Caputo for comment.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/nbc-political-reporter-evicting-tenant-b2269865.html NBC political reporter appears to brag about tenant eviction in Instagram post

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