NYC News: Parking garage collapses on Ann Street in Lower Manhattan, killing one, injuring others

Lower Manhattan, Manhattan (WABC) — A parking lot next to the Pace University building in Lower Manhattan partially collapsed on Tuesday afternoon, killing at least one person, injuring five others and crushing a car into a concrete floor.

Authorities said at least six parking workers were pulled out of the garage.One was confirmed dead at the scene and five were injured. Fortunately, four were in stable condition and one refused treatment.

One worker was trapped on the upper floor, conscious and alert, calling firefighters. He was rescued and taken to another building, where firefighters pulled him out after the workers were taken away.

FDNY’s head of operations, John Esposito, said: “We could deploy a robot dog inside the building, and after they provided us with a video of the interior, we could fly a drone inside to conduct an assessment and search. I was able to do it,’ he said.

The building is located at 57 Ann Street between Nassau and William Streets.

Authorities evacuated the university building next to the collapsed garage.

Eyewitness news reporter NJ Burkett spoke to the barber who heard the collapse.

“We heard a very loud explosion that sounded like something out of the ordinary. It was a very loud sound, like something exploded,” said Gabriel Yahoudaif. “I saw people rushing out of the scene. It was crazy. Everyone was scared. Everyone thought it was the last time they were alive.”

At around 4:15 pm, the upper floors of the three-story building collapsed, and a car crashed into the lower floors.

Authorities said they had no reason to believe anyone was still inside, but said they would continue the search with robotic dogs.

Eyewitness News reporter Josh Eniger spoke to witness Jim Slattery, who had just left the parking lot just before it collapsed.

“I didn’t think much of it before, but now it’s starting to pop into my head,” Slattery said. “I had no idea the collapse happened. I was lucky today.”

First responders on the scene said the building was completely unstable and FDNY would not send anyone else until the building was supported.

Crew members are trying to identify which businesses and city agencies use the garages and to ensure that all employees and staff are accounted for.

Records from the New York City Department of Buildings show one unresolved dangerous violation of cracked concrete since 2003.

Read more | There were decades of violations in the collapsed parking lot

Councilor Christopher Marte questioned the stability of the other buildings next to the garage.

“We will work with the building department to make sure we track down buildings that have committed violations, or violations that have just been closed, to keep these agencies accountable,” Marte said.

Pace University has announced that classes are now cancelled.

Eyewitness news reporter Morgan Norwood told one student who described the confusion during the evacuation.

“Suddenly I heard this huge, loud noise,” said the student. “People were running towards it. People were running away from it. People were crying.

The subway near Fulton Street is slowing down, according to the MTA.

The following streets in Manhattan are closed due to FDNY activities:

– Ann Street between Gold Street and Park Row

– Nassau Street between John Street and Beekman Street

– Dutch Street between John Street and Beekman Street

– Gold Street between John Street and Beekman Street

– William Street between John Street and Beekman Street

Investigators are investigating the cause of the collapse.


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