Oscar 20 Race: Buff Clock Ticks to Binge Nominated Films

Elissa Munn, a movie buff from Oklahoma City, has four more movies to drop from her Oscar list before the Academy Awards air on Sunday.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, there’s only one newest “avatar” left before Steve Tornello does his fair share of all 10 best photo nominees.

In a perfect multiverse, time could be bent so that moviegoers could watch anything, anywhere, at once. It’s tough for die-hard moviegoers hoping to fill every bracket on a typical Oscar score sheet.

“Four Oscar films left to see all the nominations for photography/acting/craft/etc,” Mann wrote in a tweet, adding, “And this somehow feels insurmountable. increase.

As it stands, Sunday morning’s time change (don’t forget to fast-forward) means an hour less to binge.

“I’m someone who thrives under pressure, like I need a deadline, so it’s good that the deadline is here,” Mann, a 31-year-old marketer, said by phone. , I must see them.”

She watches two or three times on Saturday and saves the rest for Sunday before the ceremony. Since the new year, she has seen nearly 30 of her nominated films. She admitted that she doesn’t have enough time to look at candidates in a handful of categories, including documentaries.

It would take many days without sleep to see all the 50+ films that have received at least one nomination in one of about 20 categories.

In theory, Academy voters are supposed to see every movie. But even with a pro, that obviously doesn’t happen. After all, who really has the time?

Tornello, a fledgling screenwriter and creative director for a tech company, is finally making time to hit the cinema this weekend to see the final movie on his list, Avatar: Path of Water. .

“I have a lot on my plate right now,” he said.

I watched most of the rest at home through streaming services.

Grabbed by all the buzz, he watched “Everything Everywhere All at Once” shortly after its release last spring. He saw “Women Talking” earlier this month.

“I try to watch as many movies as possible before I get an Oscar nomination,” Tornello said. “I just want everyone on board so they can really enjoy the show.”

Like Mann, James Bramble has already seen all of the best photo contenders.

“I’ve seen all the pictures that have been nominated for International Film Awards, Documentary Awards, and Animation Awards, and I’ll finish it by Sunday night.”

Every year there should be a movie nominated that he thinks is a waste of his time. Not this year, he said.

“I really like everything I’ve seen so far. Yeah, it’s been a good year,” said Bramble, an attorney in Salt Lake City.

Mann longs for the passage of time.

Her watch list for this weekend: Anime Puss in Boots: Last Wish and Turning Red, costume design “Mrs. for cinematography.

She confessed that she should have started earlier.

“That’s what I always thought, but the project seemed too big,” she said. “I love movies, so I thought this would be fun.”

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