Overcoming setbacks, Naples Press prepares to launch

Collier County

Business, real estate, art, entertainment, everything is covered in the new paper that comes out Friday.

napoli press Debuts in the Collier County community after overcoming setbacks caused by a hurricane.

First, it was difficult to find paper. Last summer, the team began looking for peach paper to stand out, but were told it was nearly impossible.

Then a hurricane hit and things set back, but in the end, everything was back on track.

“Everything you need to know about Collier County,” said editor Penny Fisher. Naples Press.

napoli press is a locally owned community newspaper in Naples and Collier County.

Fisher says the newspaper is much needed in the community. “I think there are voids all over the country, not just Collier County.

The goal is to provide hyperlocal business, real estate, arts and entertainment coverage focused on Naples, Marco Island and the surrounding communities.

“Naples is growing by leaps and bounds, which means all of Southwest Florida, and Collier County in particular. Senior Editor Tim Aten said.

The team is made up of respected journalists like Tim Aten.

“Obviously, I’m biased about it, but I’m looking forward to having a ‘Tim Aten Knows’ column in a new newspaper. It’s a weekly column I’ve been writing for over 16, over 16 years. So it’s good to have a new home,” Aten said.

The team has encountered many obstacles and roadblocks, including Hurricane Ian, but things are starting to go well and we are excited to see what the community thinks.

Many newspapers emphasize being digital-first, but they are not. Naples press. They decided to print first. That means you can’t find it online.

Subscribers will receive a copy on Friday.you can subscribe by click here.

https://www.winknews.com/2023/01/26/the-naples-press-ready-to-launch-after-overcoming-setbacks/ Overcoming setbacks, Naples Press prepares to launch

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