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Parents concerned about ongoing Lake Asbury road project as students head back to school

LAKE ASBURY, Fla. – In Clay County work crews have been scrambling to prepare sidewalks in front of Lake Asbury Junior High and Lake Asbury Elementary School in time for school Thursday morning.

Clay County said Wednesday that the sidewalks along Sandridge Road are now complete and children can walk to school in the morning.

But some parents said they are uncomfortable sending their children through what appears to be a construction zone.

Parent Tim Mathis said it still doesn’t look safe.

“They should have finished that a long time ago, started on it quicker. It’s not good. It’s going to be a mess,” he said.

The county said the south sidewalk of Sandridge Road is open and children can cross the north sidewalk at both Eagle Haven Road or Brancomb Road and there will be crossing guards at each site.

The county also said contractors are aware of school starting but the county is still asking parents to talk to their children about safety when walking through the area.

“I think the schools are going to do their best to get their safety protocols in line to get where they need to to get the kids there safely,” said parent and teacher Courtney Schwarts.

The concrete is laid and there’s a path for children to walk all the way to Lake Asbury Elementary and Junior High, but on each side, there are high weeds and things like a black mesh divider. These are things Michael and Amanda Martin don’t think children will walk by and leave undisturbed.

“Not a chance in hell,” Michael Martin said.

The couple said they walked these sidewalks regularly and that children are by nature prone to make a mess of their surroundings.

“Well there’s stuff to the side and they’re gonna’ be curious. There’s a lot of interesting things,” Amanda Martin said.

The Clay County School Superintendent said this area of Lake Asbury is the fastest-growing part of the county, that’s one reason why projects like these are needed.

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