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Pope warns of risks of corruption in missionary fundraising after Associated Press investigation

Vatican City – Pope Francis on Saturday warned Vatican missionary fundraisers against allowing financial corruption to creep into their work, saying that spirituality and evangelism, not mere entrepreneurship, should drive their work. argued that it must

Francis addresses the National Trustees of the Vatican Missionary Society, which raises funds for the missionary work of the Catholic Church in developing countries, builds churches, and finances training programs for priests and nuns. made this comment in Departing from his prepared remarks, Francis appeared to have noted: A recent Associated Press survey Involvement in transfers of funds in the US chapter of the Papal Missionary Society: The former president oversaw the transfer of at least $17 million from associate endowments and endowments to non-profit and private equity funds created by him, He currently serves as an investor in a church-run organization. Agribusiness in Africa.

“Please don’t turn POM into money,” said Francis, referring to the Italian acronym for the Papal Missionary Society. “It’s a medium, it’s a tool. Does it cost money? Yes, but don’t cut it, it’s more than money.”

He said there is a risk of corruption if spirituality is not the driving force of the Catholic Church’s missionary work.

“If you lack spirituality and it’s just about entrepreneurship, then corruption will come right in,” says Francis. “And we see it today too. Newspapers are full of articles about alleged corruption in the name of the missionary nature of the church.”

The Vatican said it was seeking clarification on the move at the US branch, but it appears to be perfectly legal as the previous board approved it. The new administration of the US branch commissioned a legal review to determine that they had been approved in a manner consistent with the authority of the board at the time. But the new administration replaced the staff and board of directors it approved and overhauled its bylaws and statutes to ensure that such a thing never happened again.

In an emailed comment sent to The Associated Press, Reverend Andrew Small, past president of the American Mission Society, urged the transfer to be fully approved and consistent with the mission of the Church and the organization. defended. Small is now number two on the Vatican’s Child Protection Advisory Committee, which was set up by Francis to deal with the clerical sex abuse scandal.

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https://www.local10.com/news/2023/06/03/pope-warns-of-risk-of-corruption-in-missionary-fundraising-after-ap-investigation/ Pope warns of risks of corruption in missionary fundraising after Associated Press investigation

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