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Recent thefts in Murray Hill have residents worried about rising crime in the area

jacksonville, florida – Some Murray Hill residents have spoken out about what they call a rise in crime where they live.

One couple said their car was stolen on New Year’s Day, but it’s not the first time they’ve been robbed.

“I woke up on New Year’s Day and my car was gone,” said Max Fisher.

Around 4am, Ring’s video showed a white Kia Soul parked on the street. 3 hours later, in another video, the same car was not there.

Fisher and her husband, Chris Yamnitz, said they installed the camera about three years ago after someone stole a bike from their garage.

“We felt that either license plates, profiles or looks would give us a better way of catching these people,” Yamnitz said.

Ring cameras were down for a period of time on Sunday morning and failed to capture the theft.

“I was disappointed. I was a little frustrated with Ring,” said Jamnitz.

Fischer and Yamnitz said their recent loss, along with other incidents in the neighborhood, involved them and others.

Travis Smith sent a video to News4JAX that showed the man pulling down his mask and trying to open the door, then approaching the front door before walking away.

In another video sent by Smith, the two are seen wearing masks and walking through his carport. He said the next day he noticed that his truck was missing something.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department crime mapping tool, from July 2022 to now, 143 crimes have been committed within a half-mile radius of where Fisher’s car was stolen. The most reported crime was theft.

With crime rates rising in the area, Yamnitz said she plans to learn how to better protect herself and her husband.

“I feel more comfortable holding a gun. I have to learn how to use it, and I’ll be able to do that in the next week,” Jamnitz said.

However, not everyone feels that crime is on the rise in Murray Hill.

Dave Thomas believes crime is down and neighborhoods are improving.

“It’s a great area to walk our dogs. We have a lot of pet owners and they look out for each other,” said Thomas. “Murray Hill is a great community to live in.”

City Councilman Randy Dehua also said crime had fallen in Murray Hill. She said adding lighting around the playground and more patrols in the area by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department have helped reduce crime after the recent incident.

Fischer and Jamnitz said they plan to leave the area when their lease expires.

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https://www.news4jax.com/news/local/2023/01/02/recent-thefts-in-murray-hill-has-residents-on-edge-about-increased-crime-in-the-area/ Recent thefts in Murray Hill have residents worried about rising crime in the area

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