Reports show federal government collected information on Portland protesters

Salem, me. – U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials under then-President Donald Trump compiled information dossier on those arrested in Black Lives Matter protests in Portland, Oregon According to a fresh, unedited internal review.

The 76-page report said that when militarized federal agents were deployed to Portland against people protesting police abuse following the killing of George Floyd in June and July 2020, Internal review by DHS of actions performed by the Intelligence and Analysis Service. Black man shot dead by police in Minneapolis.

According to a Department of Homeland Security report, when the paperwork was being compiled, some DHS analysts had information “about protesters arrested for petty criminal acts with little or nothing to do with domestic terrorism.” expressed concerns about the legality of collecting

Monitoring of 2020 Portland protesters “included lists of friends, family members and social media associates of people who did not pose a threat to homeland security,” Oregon state obtained the report. Senator Ron Wyden’s office told reporters.

“DHS political officials spied on Oregonians exercising their First Amendment right to protest and justified it with baseless conspiracy theories,” Wyden said.

According to the report, Brian Murphy, then acting undersecretary of intelligence for the DHS, said that the violent protests had been carried out even though “no overwhelming information existed as to the motives or affiliations of the violent protesters.” claiming to call them “inspired by violent Antifa anarchists”. .

DHS officials wanted the agency’s Intelligence and Analysis Division to produce dossiers on everyone participating in the Portland protests, but Murphy said the agency would only look at those who were arrested. I advised you that you can.

The dossier is known as the Baseball Card, or more formally the Operational Background Paper. Previously, it was usually compiled only for non-U.S. citizens or Americans with “documented links to terrorism.”

The DHS report was published last year, but has been further edited. In the less-edited version Wyden’s office provided journalists on Thursday, the baseball card (which was typically a one-page summary of his) included a past criminal record, travel history, and “DHS or Intelligence Community It contained derogatory information from the holdings of public social media. The draft dossier also included friends and family members of the protesters.

Wyden credited current Undersecretary for Intelligence and Analysis Kenneth Weinstein for reviewing the Trump administration’s “unnecessary redactions” and releasing the unredacted report.

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