Republican abortion ban means national crisis

Washington – White House and American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists To tell Republican-led proposal to ban abortion nationwide in 15 weeks It endangers women’s health and has serious consequences for doctors.

According to a preliminary analysis of the bill by Jennifer Klein, chair of the White House Council on Gender Policy, “If this bill is passed and enacted, it will create a nationwide health crisis that will endanger the health and well-being of women in all 50 states. Lives will be in danger.” Obtained by the Associated Press. “It transforms medical practice and can put doctors in prison if they follow their best medical judgment in their duty to care for their patients.”

A measure introduced last week by Senator Lindsay Graham proposes a nationwide ban that allows for rare exceptions. Republican leaders didn’t immediately accept it, and Democrats point to the proposal as a warning signal of where they are at. Republicans will try to go If they win control of Congress in November.

Many in the United States believed in their constitutional rights abortionwas established by the Supreme Court almost 50 years ago. I couldn’t cover it up. But that protection was removed this year by the court’s conservative majority, and advocates are leaving nothing to chance.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a nonprofit organization representing more than 60,000 physicians in the United States, wrote to the White House on Thursday outlining its concerns about the proposed legislation.

The group argued that “restrictions on gestational age” are “not based on scientific and medical evidence and dramatically impede a patient’s ability to receive timely medical care, including prenatal care, abortion management, and abortion care.” ‘, raised the issue of ‘arbitrary gestational age limits’.

The organization argued that if the ban was in effect, it would reduce doctors’ skills because their training would be altered to comply with the law. The letter notes that bans already in place in several states after the abortion rights were overturned “have deadly consequences, exacerbating the worsening maternal mortality crisis and causing 80% of deaths.” Doctors fear that it can be prevented,” he said.

The White House said the Republican proposal could have a chilling effect and make doctors less willing to care for patients any longer. be criminally liable for providing miscarriage care, providing abortion to a pregnant woman whose baby is unlikely to survive, or treating a rape victim who has not fully completed reporting requirements; There is a possibility.


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