Richard Corcoran Named Interim Dean of New College in Sarasota

The whirlwind unleashed by Gov. Ron DeSantis is rapidly reshaping the New College of Florida, but the president Tuesday amid a broad leadership overhaul that limited a crucial few hours for the Sarasota school. was dismissed, speeding up.

Members of the new board, appointed by DeSantis earlier this month, replace university president Patricia Okker with former Republican House Speaker and School Commissioner Richard Corcoran, appoint DeSantis’ appointee as the new board chairman, and the school’s new general. moved to hire a former Republican lawmaker. It initiated the process of eliminating programs aimed at increasing diversity, equity and inclusion at universities, spurring a dramatic conservative cultural shift.

Corcoran is keenly involved in the governor’s educational culture war battle, and is quick to lead his experiment in overhauling public universities to match his conservative approach to higher education. Since he cannot take over as president, the university administrator will fill that role until then.

At a meeting in Sarasota on Tuesday, the new university board of trustees voted to appoint Debra Jenks (left) as the new board chair and Ron Christaldi (right) to continue as vice chair. Both Jenks and Christaldi are New College graduates.

The board also elected DeSantis’ appointee Debra Jenks as the new chairman and negotiated with Bill Galvano to select a former GOP state senator from Bradenton to become the university’s new general counsel. Did.

The change ensures university officials are in sync with DeSantis’ education agenda, he reiterated at a press conference in Bradenton on Tuesday.

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