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Russia fires 30 cruise missiles at targets in Ukraine.Ukraine says 29 people shot down

Kyiv – Russia fired 30 cruise missiles at various parts of Ukraine in the latest nighttime test of Ukrainian air defense systems, 29 of which were shot down, officials said early Thursday morning.

One person was killed and two injured when a Russian missile struck an industrial building in the southern region of Odesa, said Serhiy Brachuk, a spokesman for the regional military junta.

Kiev, where Kremlin forces have targeted the capital for the ninth time this month, is clearly intensifying after weeks of calm before a long-awaited Ukrainian counterattack using newly supplied Western weapons. , a loud explosion was heard in Kiev.

Debris fell in two districts of Kiev and a fire broke out at a garage facility. Kiev junta chief Serhiy Popko said in his telegram posting that there was no immediate information about the victims.

Ukraine also shot down two Russian explosive drones and two reconnaissance drones, officials said.

The shelling across Ukraine included six Russian Kinzhal aeroballistic hypersonic missiles, the largest number fired in a single strike so far in the war, according to Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuri Inat. It is said that it is the most.

Ukrainian commander-in-chief General Valery Zardini wrote to Telegram that the missiles were launched from Russian sea, air and ground bases.

He said several waves of missiles were aimed at an area of ​​Ukraine between 9 pm Wednesday and 5:30 am Thursday.

According to Kiev officials, the Russian military used strategic bombers in the Caspian region to launch Soviet-era X-101 and X-55 type missiles. Russia has since deployed reconnaissance drones over the capital.

In the last major air raid on Kiev on Tuesday, Ukrainian air defense system Powered by advanced Western-supplied systems, officials said any incoming missiles were shot down.

The attack used hypersonic missiles, which Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly touted as providing important strategic advantages. The missile is one of the most advanced weapons in Russia’s arsenal, but its hypersonic speed and maneuverability make it difficult to detect and intercept.

But the West’s sophisticated air defense systems, including US-made Patriot missiles, are helping to save Kiev from the kind of destruction witnessed along its main fronts in the east and south of the country.

Ground warfare is largely stalemate on the front lines, but both sides are targeting each other’s territory with long-range weapons.

Meanwhile, Kremlin authorities in occupied Crimea said on Thursday that the explosion derailed eight railcars.

Russian state media reported that the train was carrying grain.

State news agency RIA Novosti said the incident occurred not far from the city of Simferopol, citing an emergency service official. The Crimean Railway said the derailment was caused by “unauthorized interference” and no casualties were reported.

The head of the Russian-established Crimea Autonomous Region, Sergei Aksyonov, said railway operations on the affected lines had been suspended.

Two people were also injured in a drone strike in the Kursk region in southern Russia, which borders Ukraine, the regional governor said on Thursday.

In a telegram posting, Roman Starovoit claimed that the Ukrainian military dropped explosives from a drone on the sports and recreation complex.


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