snap!Venus flytrap fans urge South Carolina to honor plant

Columbia, South Carolina – Conservationists are pushing to make the Venus Venus flytrap the official carnivore of South Carolina, with state bird (Carolina Wren), state opera (Porgy and Bess) and state snack (boiled peanuts). ) in addition to other official items such as

In all, there are about five dozen in South Carolina. in official condition. There are already five different plants, including yellow jasmine, the official flower, peach, the official fruit, and, of course, Indian grass, the official grass of South Carolina.

Proponents, however, said honoring the Venus flytrap was not a superfluous thing that students would see on elementary school worksheets.

Instead, it’s about conserving and raising awareness of interesting species found only here. spot on earth: Upper coast of South Carolina and a small patch of southeastern North Carolina.

“In a small state like ours that is growing every day, we need to protect what belongs here,” said South Carolina Senator Thomas McElveen. invoice Raises carnivorous plant stats.

Democrats know all about the fascination of plants with leaves that can trap insects and provide a source of nutrients in the nutrient-poor soil in which this plant grows.

McElveen said his mother bought it for him at the market when he was a child. He named it “Audrey II”. Little Shop of Horrors.

Venus flytraps in the wild are about the size of a lima bean and do nothing but spiders and flies. When he brushes twice in a row to reduce the amount of false alarms from dust and rain, the leaves snap shut around the insect.

If the prey continues to sway and is too large to escape through the hairs, the plant releases acid to dissolve and digest the insect, providing nutrients.

“This is a plant that South Carolina is proud of.

The Venus Fly Trap faces two big foes — poacher and developmentPoaching is illegal and the best flora were in heritage areas where they could grow away from thieves and avoid people in the fastest growing areas of South Carolina. It is a fragile plant that needs more fire than fire.

The bill must pass through the entire Senate Family and Veterans Affairs Committee and be approved on the Senate floor before being sent to the House.

But this year, enough Venus jumping spiders join other official South Carolina things like official spiders (Carolina wolf spiders), picnic food (barbecue), dancing (The Shag), and stones (blue granite). I have time.

“You don’t just name this plant and put it on the back of a legislative manual,” McElveen said. “You might be doing something to raise awareness and protect nature.”

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