St. Johns County teachers protest pay, call it ‘work-to-contract day’

st.Johns County, Florida – A group of St. Johns County teachers plan to protest salaries on Wednesday, calling it “work until contract date.”

This came after wage negotiations between the union and the school district stalled.

Teachers will only work the 7.5 hours paid during this protest. No more time. The St. Johns County Teachers Union is leading the way.

Florida law prohibits teachers from going on strike, so leaving after a certain number of hours is the stance the teacher union is taking on their wages.

The strike, which begins on Early Release Day in St. John’s County, is likely to continue until an agreement is reached between the union and the school board.

Teachers huddled in front of the voting flags before walking together at 7:45 am on Wednesday. Each teacher wore a red outfit that symbolized action and change.

The father, whose children attend Osceola Elementary School, told News4JAX he thinks the teachers are doing the right thing.

“Teachers are underpaid,” said Chris Ellis. “And for pay and wages, they endured a lot of abuse. They do.”

District officials declared a “stalemate”. This meant that no agreement could be reached between the negotiating parties.

This comes after a heated debate last week when the St. John’s Educational Association called for wage increases for veteran educators.

The most recent deal, proposed in December, included a modest wage increase, but was rejected by 77% of union members.

Unions said they were unable to raise salaries for veteran teachers sufficiently, especially in counties where the cost of living is high.

The St. Johns Education Association has raised concerns about unfair wages at multiple St. Johns County Board of Education meetings.

The current average teacher salary is just over $51,000, according to the school district.

As an overview, this is $11,000 more than the median median income of $40,000 for the county based on data reported by . MoneyGeek.com.

The report also found the county out of reach for those earning the county’s middle income, ranking St. John’s County 18th out of the 26 most inaccessible counties in the nation.

Under Florida law, the St. Johns County Board of Education makes the final decision on how teachers are paid.

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