Steps to Implement a Desk Booking System

Concepts such as hot desking and office hoteling were introduced in the 1990s for businesses with many salespeople and teleworkers. However, these desk booking concepts were managed manually. There was no comprehensive system for managing the same.

With the pandemic renewing the traditional workplace model, these concepts have undergone a tremendous revival.

According to an Accenture report, nearly 83% of employees are enthusiastic about hybrid models. Hot desking and hoteling are vital parts of making the hybrid workplace successful. And to manage them seamlessly, desk booking systems are essential to almost every business.

What is desk booking software? And how can a company implement it well? Read below for more information.

What is a Desk Booking System?

A desk booking solution is a tool that allows employees to find and book desks for as long as they need.

This type of solution usually hinges on two concepts- hoteling and hot desking. In hoteling, a desk is reserved in advance for a specified time.

In the case of hot desking, the allocation of desks is done depending on the availability of the desk. Employees book spaces that suit their needs while maintaining a safe distance from their colleagues.

In a hybrid work model, desk booking solutions allow you to deploy a flexible workplace. It enables you to manage your office better, resulting in better space utilization.

Most modern desk booking software features interactive floor plans, social distancing criteria, utilization data, and contact tracing.

Uses of the Desk Booking System

The desk booking system allows employees to reserve their desks in advance. The purpose of this system can be as follows:

  • Identify unused desks
  • Book available desks as needed
  • View details such as amenities
  • Find colleagues
  • Filter desks by availability, location, type

What are the benefits of a desk booking system?


Studies revealed that an employee spends more than five minutes a day searching for a desk. This leads to the loss of productivity. In a hybrid workplace, where employees come on selected days, this can lead to confusion.

Desk booking systems can cut that time down dramatically. It can ensure that an employee books a desk that is available to them. A few desks can be restricted for adhoc bookings only as well.

An employee can save time since, most of the time, they pre-book their preferred desk.

Optimal use of office space

Desk booking systems allow employees to choose from alternatives. So if they can’t get a seat, they can book a similar desk nearby. This helps with the efficient use of available office space.

It also decreases the chances of an unused desk.

A better understanding of your space management

Leading desk booking software provides utilization data that gives you real-time workplace insights.

A desk booking solution will ensure that you have access to all the necessary information, from floor occupancy to viewing schedules. This can be used to optimize the office space, helping you manage it better.

How to Implement a Desk Booking System?

  1. Create guidelines for the desk booking system

To avoid issues with implementing the desk booking system, you should avoid sudden changes. It would be best if you gave your employees time to get used to the new ways in our workplace.

You can start by creating guidelines. Conduct surveys to collect employee preferences and feedback. This will help you understand various employee concerns, which can be instrumental in developing air-tight policies.

  1. Provide a consistent experience

When implementing the desk booking system, you need to ensure that employees have an easy transition. Reduce the number of actions involved in the booking process.

They should be able to schedule bookings from their mobile apps. They should know where their colleagues are seated for better collaboration. Provide them with necessary amenities when booking desks.

Also, make sure that an open communication channel is put in place for a consistent experience.

  1. Improve the implementation process of the desk booking system

In the first implementation phase, there will be some shortfalls. You can encourage staff to read user manuals and guides to gain a 360-degree understanding of the desk booking system.

You can send them emails or tutorials. This will help them comprehend the necessary features. Supervisors can also offer one-on-one training that provides insights.

As the hybrid workspace continues to evolve, you need a highly effective desk booking system to meet the needs of both your employees and your company.

A functional desk booking system ensures easy deployment of the hybrid workplace and makes returning to the office easier.

WorkInSync offers a comprehensive desk booking system. It includes a bunch of features that suit your needs. You can opt for a demo today and witness the amazing things offered.


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