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“Succession” and “Ted Lasso” won Emmy Awards.first winner shines

Los Angeles – “Succession” and “Ted Lasso” top the list Emmy Awards On Monday, a ceremony honoring the winner of the global sensation “Squid Game” and a message of empowerment, promoting the impact of television.

Especially Zendaya, Lizzo, Sheryl Lee Ralphbest drama series winner, “Succession,” and even comedy series winner, “Ted Lasso,” contrasted with the darkness that permeated the storytelling.

“Thank you for putting this very difficult show in a safe place,” said Zendaya, winning her second Best Dramatic Actress award for “Euphoria,” about the tough teenage years growing up.

“My greatest wish for ‘Euphoria’ was that it would help heal people. Thank you to everyone who has shared your stories with me. and I’ll carry them,” said her character Lou, Zendaya.


“Succession,” about a media empire run by a stubborn and brutal family, shared drama series honors with “The Squid Game.”

Lee Jung-jae of “Squid Game”, who played the moral center of the program, was the first Asian to win the Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Serial Drama.

“Thank you for bringing to life the real issues we all face so creatively on screen,” said Squid Game, which won the Emmy Award for Best Drama Series Directing. Lee told creator Hwang Dong-hyeok, “In Korean, Lee thanked the audience in his home country for watching.”

Backstage, Fan said this was “a big moment for us,” and Lee said he hopes the award will open the door for other Asian actors.

Jason Sudeikis and Jean Smart collected back-to-back acting trophies, but there are a few new ones, including Lizzo and Quinta Branson and Sherrill Lee Ralph of “Abbott Elementary” collecting trophies. An Emmy award winner was born.


Branson, who created and starred in the freshman series, won an Emmy Award for writing a comedy series. ABC’s “Abbott Elementary,” which was also nominated for best comedy, is a rare bright spot for network broadcasts in an age dominated by streaming and cable.

Sudeikis wins the trophy for the second year in a row playing the unlikely US coach of a British football team in the comedy ‘Ted Lasso’, and smart matching garners him a role as a veteran comedian in ‘Hacks’ .

Addressing the television audience, Sudeikis yelled at a rare awards ceremony:

There was a ripple of reaction in theaters when ‘Succession’ creator Jesse Armstrong mentioned New King of England, Charles IIIthe cast standing beside him as he receives the show’s trophy.

“A significant week for the succession, the new King of England, this is for us. It seems our victory had a little more votes than Prince Charles,” said Armstrong. “I’m not saying our position is more legitimate than his. Let’s leave that to someone else.”


Ralph closed out the Emmy show by winning Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for “Abbott Elementary.”

“I’m an endangered species, but I don’t sing victim songs. I’m a woman, I’m an artist, and I know where my voice belongs,” she belted. And to those who questioned their dreams, he encouraged them, saying, “I’m here to tell you that this is what you believe.”

The audience, which included Lizzo and many of TV’s biggest stars, stood up and cheered for Ralph.

When Lizzo herself won the award for Best Competition Series Trophy for “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls,” she delivered another emotional pep talk.

“When I was little, all I wanted to see was me in the media. Someone fat like me, black like me, beautiful like me,” said Music. the artist said.

Cheers were also given to presenter Selma Blair for speaking publicly about her multiple sclerosis diagnosis and using a cane on stage.


“Ted Russo” co-star Brett Goldstein won Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy, while Matthew Macfadyen for “Succession” and Julia Garner for “Ozark” won Best Supporting Actor.

“It is a great pleasure and privilege for me to play this tremendous gift in this wonderful show,” said McFadden, who received the trophy for his role as a conspiratorial member of the Media Empire family.

Garner is among the winners I took advantage of having all my bases covered by thanking my husband and others with on-screen messages.

‘The White Lotus’ won several accolades, including Best Limited Series and Anthology Series.

The achievements of ‘Squid Game’, ‘Abbott Elementary’ and several other shows do not change the relative lack of diversity in this year’s nominations, including significantly fewer people of color than in 2021 was.


host Kenan Thompson Homage to TV kicks off Emmy Awards, dismisses Tik-Tok as a ‘little vertical TV’ and pays homage to series theme songs from ‘Friends’ to ‘Brady Bunch’ to ‘Game of Thrones’ The musical number represented.

As the music stopped, Thompson offered a moment to drop the mic, announcing that Oprah Winfrey was the first presenter. Winfrey appeared on stage holding an Emmy statuette and declared “It’s a party!” for the night. The first award of the night went to Michael Keaton for his role in “Dope Sick.” Winfrey and Keaton hugged before she handed him the trophy.

“It means something,” Keaton said of the award for playing a compassionate doctor caught up in a patient by an addiction. He remembered the “magic” of being introduced and thanked his parents for not ridiculing his attempts at acting in his youth.


Amanda Seyfried won Best Actress in a Limited Series for “The Dropout” for her role as hapless Silicon Valley prodigy Elizabeth Holmes. She thanked her family and her co-workers list, as well as her dog Finn.

Murray Bartlett won Best Supporting Actor for “The White Lotus,” a tragicomedy set in a Hawaiian resort. Jennifer Coolidge, who won Best Supporting Actress on the show, delighted the audience by shimmying to her music which was meant to cut her acceptance speech.

The Best Variety Talk Show award went to “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver,” while the stand-up special “Jerrod Carmichael: Rothaniel” won Best Writing for a Comedy Special.

“Good night guys. I’m going home. I’m not a sore winner, but I can’t get over this right now so I’m going home,” the victorious Carmichael told the audience.

Glamor is back with a metallic shine and lots of bright colors As the otherworldly Brit Lower, Elle Fanning and her fellow stars of Old Hollywood posed for photographers.



AP writers Beth Harris and Jonathan Landrum Jr. contributed to this report.


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