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TECH Technological University: the largest digital university in the world

The advancement of new technologies and the internet allows the possibility that apparently disconnected realities and societies, such as territories separated by hundreds of kilometers, can establish a precise connection immediately.

The Internet, which was designed to facilitate the connection between scientists and professionals in the field of education, culture, arts and sciences, has been expanding its scope of action and today it is the main channel of communication to carry out any type of activity professional or in the field of entertainment and communication.

The largest Digital University in the world in Spanish, TECH Technological University, recovers in part that original purpose of the Internet. Over the years, this institution has become the largest educational institution in the Spanish language area.

What is TECH Technological University and what does it offer its students?

From the question it is already partly derived what this institution is. TECH University is a multinational company dedicated to the training and education sector that is at the forefront of the production of virtual content for learning through e-learning, virtual teaching through online media.

Its experience makes it a strategic institution and the first Spanish group in the development of effective learning, training and training programs in innumerable areas of knowledge and in different productive and professional sectors.

TECH aims to take research and development to new scenarios, incorporating the most innovative teaching methods and having new information and communication technologies in its projects as the main tool to achieve this goal.

What are the guarantees of the courses of TECH University?

This institution is made up of more than 3,000 professors of recognized prestige and in its portfolio of courses they have more than 2,500 university degrees. More than 100,000 students from the entire Spanish language area pass through its virtual classrooms every year.

Added to this are very competitive prices in the current education market, always considering that education is a subject that must be fair, without discriminating based on economic capacity, but rather establishing barriers based on academic capacity. Access to higher education is a right and there can be no limitations with this idea.

Based on this principle, the institution offers an extensive scholarship policy that it combines with non-profit foundations and associations, understanding that teaching and training must be understood based on an important social commitment.

TECH offers an extensive academic network of specialized courses in higher education for all types of disciplines. From medicine to dentistry through pharmacy, nursing or nutrition and without forgetting subjects of a more social nature or focused on the world of business, such as languages, psychology or education.

Online courses with unbeatable teaching methods

The success of TECH Technological University is based on the strong belief that the Internet is an essential communication channel in today’s reality. Thus, all the academic activities taught by this entity are based on online training, so that a teacher can be preparing his class in Argentina and have students in other Latin American countries or Spain.

TECH Technological University courses are 100% online and are based on the relearning method. This system has as its main element the constant repetition of learning and relearning attempts.

The relearning method, designed, tested and perfected by the institution with thousands of students, is currently positioned as the best online learning system. The ease offered by the relearning system and the online training offered by TECH allows students to acquire training and skills without giving up other day-to-day aspects.

The system offers students flexibility, but without sacrificing quality content, and uses online training so that each student accesses the content when their agenda allows them greater freedom.

TECH is the only university in Spanish licensed to use relearning as a study method. This system is developed in accordance with the most prestigious international quality certification agencies.

Students from 112 countries

TECH Technological University belongs to the TECH educational group, a multinational company with Spanish capital recognized by the Financial Times among the 200 fastest growing companies in Europe. As it is a fully digital teaching university, it provides training to students from anywhere in the world, with a presence and students in the 24 Spanish-speaking countries.

In this sense, the educational entity already has a total of 500,000 graduates, from more than 112 different countries. Its international trajectory has allowed it to become a benchmark for distance learning in Spanish, with more than 100,000 students currently studying one of its programs.

It has also been considered by Forbes magazine as ‘the best digital university in the world in Spanish’ thanks to ‘its influence’ in the online education sector and ‘an innovative learning method aimed at training the professionals of the future’.

99% employability

The great commitment of the university is the highly qualified postgraduate degree, covering the high demand that currently exists for online higher education, especially master’s degrees, which are gaining ground as a key tool to stand out in the labor market.

Jobs that require postgraduate training are growing at a rapid pace, which is reflected in employability data. As explained by the TECH educational group, ‘99% of our students have a job in the first twelve months after finishing their studies, which allows us to lead the employability ranking.’

The key, according to those responsible, lies in ‘providing the student with training in line with the business reality, allowing each professional to acquire the necessary skills and abilities to adapt to a job market that is evolving at great speed.’

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