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This year the UK will take Eurovision very seriously

London – There is almost nothing like a win to wake people up.And last year’s UK’s No. 2 position eurovision song contest has fueled widespread enthusiasm for the 2023 edition — takes place in Liverpool this week.

Sam Ryder’s ‘Space Man’ shows his smiling enthusiasm, soaring despite 2021’s James Newman failing to score any points and 2019’s Michael Rice coming out last With vocals and great songs, he regained national attention last year. .

The winner of the previous contest usually hosts the next contest, and that winner was Ukraine. war in progress made it impossible. So the runner-up UK is hosting it instead.

singer Rita Ora Eurovision has said the semi-finals will start on Tuesday and the final will take place on Saturday.

“Eurovision has suddenly become huge (again) and I’m really here for it,” she said.

She performed in between the semi-finals in Liverpool, but her connection to the event goes even further. Ora said she was in the England squad for 2009, but she decided not to play.

After all, even the riders can’t compete in Eurovision No guarantee of a stellar career for Britt.

The last time the UK won this contest was in 1997, thanks to Katrina, the waves and “Love Shine A Light”.

The previous few years had seen five of the UK’s worst results.

it can be a lot of pressure UK entry of the year, May Mullerbut she seems to welcome it.

“The energy feels different,” Muller said.

The London singer-songwriter has represented the UK with “I Wrot a Song,” and Ryder says it helped change the way people in and outside the UK view participation in Eurovision.

“I feel like we tend to be masochistic when it comes to the UK,” Müller said. I don’t think so,” he said. And now we’re like, ‘Let’s take this seriously. Let’s do this.

Liverpool singer Rebecca Ferguson is performing in her hometown in a duet with Ukrainian singer Aloysha between semi-finals.

Ferguson believes Britain were disappointed with the score, but being “very close” in 2022 changed things.

“British, yeah, then… I can get into this,” she said. “We basically like to win.

Hardkiss frontwoman Ukrainian rock star Julia Sanina One of this year’s Eurovision hosts And a lifelong competition fan.

She agrees that the UK is taking it more seriously in 2023, “because of Sam Ryder and his musicality”. Liverpool are hosting on behalf of Ukraine.

Ukrainian entry Karsch Orchestra wins in 2022When Britain agreed to host instead of Ukraine it promised to celebrate Ukrainian culture and people in every way.

Sanina says she felt a warm welcome in Liverpool.

“Beautiful city, very friendly people. And seeing so many Ukrainian flags and Ukrainian blue and yellow colors all over the city was heartwarming for me,” she said.

After all, Britain loves to party.

“My culture and when I grew up, it was all about Eurovision,” Ora said.

The Kosovar-born singer grew up in London to Albanian parents.

“It was like walking around the TV and playing music like ‘shut up’ while the song was playing. It was like I was rooting for my country or my hometown,” she added.

“It’s a cool way to get everyone together,” she said.


AP journalist Gary Gerald Hamilton contributed a report from New York. For more information on his AP coverage for Eurovision, please visit: https://apnews.com/hub/eurovision-song-contest

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