Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Cut the Cord

 The invasion of OTT platforms and streaming services has hit the traditional cable TV service quite a card. People are rushing toward over-the-top platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. as they’re considered to offer more variety of content and flexible subscriptions schemes. “Cutting the Cord” has almost become a common slogan in the modern world. But is it all worth it?

The television industry has changed a lot. Smart TV has taken over the regular TV sets as they come with a lot of built-in apps, hundreds of features, WI-FI connectivity, and support for multiple programming software. People who own these smart TVs are most likely to cut down their cords as they find internet streaming more viable.

If you’re confused between keeping your cable TV service and switching to an OTT platform completely, here are a few reasons you should consider before getting rid of the cord:

Best collection of channels

Even though many streaming sites give you the option to watch live TV with your basic subscription but the number of channels you get to watch is so limited that it does not fulfill your need for entertainment. No matter how vast the content libraries of streaming sites are, it cannot beat the fun of scrolling through lists of channels your cable service offers.

Even if you go for the cheapest Cable TV package such as Spectrum Select Package you’ll get up to 125+ channels that are way more than any streaming service offers even with their premium subscriptions. Not only a wide range of channels, but you also get to access thousands of on-demand titles with the Select package, which pretty much compensates for the choice of content streaming sites offer you.

On top of it, many cable service providers also allow you to pick channels of your own choice which can help you cut down on unnecessary bills.

Not have to rely on the internet

No matter how good an internet connection you’ve got at your home, you must have experienced the pain of slow internet at some point. The worst part about slow internet is that it slows down every other task related to it when it goes down.  Be it a school assignment, a video call, watching a movie online, or any other thing. If the internet is slow you have to deal with the inconveniences.

Whereas cable service sets you free from this stress of buffering or having to wait for stronger signals to continue watching your favorite show. No matter how many people are watching TV in the same house, the service remains constant and provides equal entertainment to each person.

Bundling options

For many people, the reason to cut down on cords is pricey cable TV services. But the good news is there exists a smart way you can keep your cable TV service and pay way less for it and that is the bundling option. Almost all cable services offer bundles at discounted prices.

Bundling will allow you to pair your cable TV, internet, and home phone service together all in one cost-effective package. You can enjoy the best of both TV channels as when as streaming services at lesser prices without having to give up on anyone’s service. Bundle deals in which you can get internet and cable TV alongside phone are the most economical option for your home.

The more services you add to your bundle, the less price you have to pay as compared to paying for each service individually.

Super bowl

Many OTT platforms offer the options of watching live sports and special events happening in the sports world but you need to have an extremely good internet speed for that. Otherwise, constant lagging and buffering would only make your live sports experience exhausting and frustrating.

However, it isn’t the same case with cable TV services. It has been broadcasting sports channels and events for years now and never had you missedany major sporting event with your TV package. If you’re a sports lover and spend all your weekend on the couch watching your favorite matches then cutting down on the cord service will not be a wise choice.

Live sports channels might try to get you transferring over to the streaming services but they do not offer a feasible platform for a dedicated sports fan, who loves to enjoy the thrill of the Super Bowl being broadcasted on cable TV smoothly right from the stadium.

Can’t miss out on news

News is the greatest source of information regarding current affairs and what’s happening around the world. Not only does TV provide great movies and drama channels, but it also has been providing us with the best news channels to keep us updated. You get to have many local news channels with tv that update you every second on what’s new around you.

Almost every family has one person that purely enjoys watching news channels, different documentaries, and talk shows that get aired on them. And this is something you won’t get easily on OTT platforms which becomes another reason for you to keep the cord.

Summing up

Cutting the cord may seem to be a smart way to save money on cable bills but in reality, the safer option would be to hold on to your cable services as streaming platforms are not a reliable alternative to cable TV yet. In fact, cable TV is one of the only options that have all your entertainment need sorted from award shows to live sports, news, and much more.

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